Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Back to test taking mode

Booked my TOEFL date. The test will be taken on the 19th of this month. Yeah - u read that right. In just about 6 days from now. I spent some real good time investigating about the test, the level of questions etc etc and i found myself comfortable with the whole stuff. I was also in a fix coz i must give time for the ETS guys to report the official scores to the schools before the deadline. Now i have to chose atleast three other schools to which i am planning to apply in R2. This gets tricky now as i haven't given my R2 list any thought. I must also check to see if ANY of the schools i am considering to apply have clauses like Kellogg. I don't want to end up in a situation where i find in the zero hour that i sent the scores to a school that waives it off and have not sent to one that doesn't waive TOEFL.

Preparation wise, i am void. Planning to take Monday off and give this three solid days. There are already signs of one of them going wasted as i jus received an intimation of a school-friends-gathering. Hope i don't spend a lot of time over there. Will i say no to this gathering, i might not coz i expect it to be interesting. And deep inside, i have this feeling that TOEFL isn't really difficult for me to crack. Signs of over confidence??? I hope not!

I have started the process of material collection and the only decent material i cud gather were the two software given by ETS - Sampler and PowerPrep. Still haven't used any of them. Planning to install PP after i make this post and check out if it has as much instructions and section wise stuff as the GMAT PowerPrep Software had. [Update: TOEFL PP has almost zero practice content. It has 2 full legth tests like the GMAT PP.]

Heck i hate this detour, but i guess i am still safe enough coz of the progress i made. No big problem. I might not be able to work on my essays over the next one week, but that i guess is okay. Had some extended discussions with my recommenders today. My mentor said he'll finish all five in the two weeks. We had a intro-discussion today and we have decided to have frequent discussions as and when he requires some info from me. My senior has jus one to work on and he has promised that he will be work on it tonight and get back to me tomorrow. My manager is the slow one and i have to handle him pretty carefully. I have a backup option - my HR manager. But she's on maternity leave and i don't wanna disturb her. I want to finish these recos by the 25th at most. Hope i can push these ppl faster and get work done.

So yeah - over the next one week, watch this space for more info on the TOEFL detour :)


asiangal said...

Good thing you found out this early on about the TOEFL requirement! I have a friend that actually went through the entire application process for Kellogg (spending thousands of US$ on a consultant) only to find out in the final hour sometime in March that he didn't apply for his TOEFL waiver properly.

He ended up going to Goizueta (Emory) on full scholarship, but his application for Kellogg was never processed properly.

Iday said...

Yeah! Even after the disappointing exp with the waiver request i made, i have been telling myself exactly this.
At least i found this out with enuf time to be able to apply in R1 :)

Anonymous said...

So which are the schools that defly give a waiver and which are the ones that dont? Only in Top 10 list?