Monday, September 04, 2006

Back to being on time...

I finished the Chicago second essay today as i wanted to. I also worked a bit on the first essay of Chicago. The real big twist about the first essay of Chicago is that i have more info now to speak about why i want to go to this school. Before the last time i worked on this one and now, i have atleast two major improvements. One, i attended the student meet @ bangalore and two, i met a Chicago Alum who is the person who started my team @ H.C.L. Technologies. He has moved out of my team and started a whole new Business Unit for HCL and is currently mediating H.C.L' s new association with Microsoft. So yeah, some interesting stuff to write here.

The essay i wrote today went by without any big issues. I had the incident, i had the theme, i had a supplementary incident (which is basically a reference into some other essay) and i was done. All the work done over the past few months hasn't really gone waste i guess. I only hope tomorrow will be equally good and then i will only have the Ethics essay to work on. Once i finish the Chicago essays, i am planning to work on my Reco and finish that meeting with my Manager. This should be done ASAP to give him enuf time to work on them. I badly want to finish the meeting by this week, but i need to be prepared.

A friend of mine will be taking GMAT this Wednesday. He has grown from a really reluctant learner into a pretty confident guy these days. From some 500 odd scores in the initial test, he has scored a 770 in one of his recent tests. Here's wishing him some good luck as he tightens up the last few screws on the day before G-day. My mentor got married on Sunday and will be returning back to work next week. He has some serious work to do as he is one of my recommenders :) Also tomorrow is onam, the annual harvest festival celebrated in Kerala and by Keralites the world over. Happy Onam folks :)


johnyCAGE said...

do u get time for ur daily chores besides tapping the keyboard all the time :D

u r fast, man! u update ur blog so often that now i think i ll hv to remove the line that says i hv done PhD in etc etc.

instal haloscan man!
i cannot put my link here.

johnyCAGE said...

and happy oNam! :)

Iday said...

Thanks JC :)
The blog is a great vent to my varying emotions. So even after hours of typing essays, i just HAVE to come blog all that i did.

btw - what's a Haloscan???
Am at Work now. Will google for it once i reach home and install it for sure.

thanks for the Onam wishes :)

johnyCAGE said...

visit my GMAT blog and u ll find the link in side bar

Iday said...

jc - i tried that haloscan thing.
I dint like it coz i dont wanna take the comments to some place out side blogger. I'd rather have everything here :) Hope u understand.

btw - i've seen my friends posting links in blogger comments. May be u shud dig around. I'll let u know after i discuss this with my friends :)