Sunday, September 03, 2006

Some work done

But not all that i wanted. I cud not proceed with the Ethics essay. Jus no mood to write. I have this huge word document where i have more than three pages if stuff from which i need to write a 400 word long essay. It is only a work of picking the right stuff, organizing it in a good way and creating an effective essay. But i was not in a good frame of mind to write it today. Some other day. At this rate, i guess this is gonna be the last essay i sit down to finish.

I finished writing the three small ones from Chicago. The "Recommend a Movie, Book or Play" gave me some difficulty. Not because i dint know what to write, but because i had loads to write. I had more than 1 page of info on this book and had to shrink it to all of 100 words. This was like morphing Mt.Everest into a football and playing around :) I had to read, re-read and re-read sentences and decide on their fit, merge few sentences into one, shrink sentences - do a hell lot of stuff to use three or four effective sentences in a same theme to speak everything i wanted to speak about the book. I don't think i have ever breathed a louder sigh of relief. I already knew what "People dint know about me". It was easy to write about it. I had few options about "Value to the study group", which again went thru the will-it-fit-in-will-it-wont and is-it-required-or-can-i-do-away-wit-it routines. 100 words is such a tight limit and i am glad i started this now after so many essays. I was already succint enough in thought and word and hence cud move faster on these essays. These three are done, atleast for the time being.

I then worked on the second essay of Chicago - i chose the one that asks abt what quality a close colleague will say about me. Long time back i had written down some possible answers for this. Now i was smiling seeing them - they all stood rejected. I now knew something else about which i wanted to write. I collected material i had earlier written about it and that's where it stands. I will work on it and finish this essay tomorrow.

So - that is all that i have done on this weekend. I guess i stress myself out too much with all the work i do in the weekdays. I am in this perennial state of tiredness during the weekend. I slept by 1AM yesterday and woke up by 1PM today :) Guess that's enough energy gained to work over the coming weekdays :)

Sometime this week, i need to gather material for my Reco meeting with my manager. This week i want to finish this and the Chicago essays. I think i can finish the essay number two tomorrow and since essay one is basically a big compilation of many of my previous essays i am hoping i can finish this by Wednesday. This means that i will only have Harvard's ethics essay to finish all my essays. Then the re-work starts :)

The plan for this month is that i will request my recommenders to submit their recos by the third week of Sept. Starting next Monday, i will finish filling in all the online information on all the applications. This is gonna be quite time consuming. If that is done, all that is left is to finalize on all the essays. Starting from Harvard, i plan to work on the schools based on their deadlines. Hope everything goes as per this plan :)


Wanna Be Dictator said...

I found the harvard ethics essay the easiest. but i just can't even get started on chicago's "what people dont know about me". i think people know everything there is to know about me, at least all my good qualities which i would want adcom to know. anyway, not sure whether chicago is on my first list in any case...

Iday said...

With me - it is a problem of a plenty. I have the info (actually loads of them) and i knoe what to write, but as i said i jus dont get the mood to write this essay. Dunno why :)

I jus cannot do something if i am not in mood :)