Saturday, September 23, 2006

A jam-packed weekend

I have loads stacked up to be done this weekend. In short, i am planning to finish the entire application packets of HBS and Wharton. That means i have to finalize the essays, get the resume done and finish the online apps. I also have to work on the recommendations as two of my recommenders needed further information. I can make them submit the recos next week only if i can provide them this info by Monday. This means i am not moving anywhere out of my computer table over the entire weekend. I guess that the entire application process is a preview into the Bschool life that is waiting ahead :)

So how much of it has been done already???

I have finished the Wharton essays and started working on the Harvard essays. The Harvard Online application has lot of info filled up. Very little yet to be done. So it may appear that i have less to do, but i have recently discovered that however hard i try, i am not able to satisfy myself with the essays. Let's see....

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