Thursday, September 07, 2006

The penultimate essay

I am struggling to move forward with only two essays to finish. I am sure this is not an issue related to the writing flow. This is purely because the essays are tricky. I am speaking abt the first essay of Chicago and the Ethics essay of Harvard.

I have been fighting with the Chicago essay for quite some time now. The trick here is that this is the most prominent essay in their application packet, almost twice as long (or wordy) as all the remaining essays put together, and this essay is so very specific, as is all their other essays. I just scrapped a version of this essay coz i fell into the common trap - of trying to explain all that i did till date in chronological order. I wrote some 900 words of stuff and had this gut feeling that my essay was not right. So i read and re-read the question again, when i realized what i was doing wrongly. Now i know what to do. I just created the frame work and i will finish this by the weekend.

I still have my concerns reg the Chicago essay - i feel that they are extremely concise and specific. Hence i do not have space to fill in all that i want to. I can only write what the essay asks for. This is kind of bad, but we don't have any option do i!?!? I hope i have provided enuf material. Compared to schools like Harvard (2600) or Wharton (2500) word - Chicago's essays, with a total word count of 2300, are not too far behind in word count. But three of their essays are completely off topic and take away 300 words from the game. So now this is 20% less wordy compared to Wharton and that's quite a bit.

Anyway - come Saturday and this essay shall be conquered :)
And so will be the Ethics essay of Harvard. I am speaking no more of that. Enuf said...

I have written enuf stuff to call my recommender for a meeting. I am hoping to do this tomorrow. In places where i can provide him with information, i have gathered enuf stuff. For others, i am gonna make him speak. Luckily - he immediately has the weekend to work on them. He tends to forget stuff. I'm gonna stack up printouts on his desk tomorrow :D

This week, i have slipped deadlines like crazy. But i took time off from the essay stuff and finished two novels. I feel light now and, as they say, am BACK! This weekend, the agenda is to finish these two essays and prepare my resume. Then i am planning to fill up all the self reporting transcript sheets. Then there is Kellogg's online application to start and fill up. Busy weekend again...

PS: Am wondering if i can sneak in some 3 hrs to go see "Lage Raho Munnabhai". Let's see if that is possible...


inblue said...

"I just scrapped a version of this essay coz i fell into the common trap - of trying to explain all that i did till date in chronological order" - Welcome to the scrapping club.

Dont see that movie -It isnt's as good as the first one.You'll want to pull your hair at times.

Iday said...

//Welcome to the scrapping club.
Jeez thanks :D

Oh! Is it!??! :o
Your really the first one to say so!!!