Saturday, September 02, 2006

The weekend - wasted?!?!?!

Atleast that's how it has been till date. I was all enthu when i set myself those deadlines. But i guess i underestimated the after effect of the Stanford essay writing process. I am drained out like hell and i cannot get myself to write another essay now. But i know - this is not because of the Stanford essays, because i always become more excited when i finish the essays of a school. It is the excitement given by reaching a milestone, within schedule.

But i think this weekend, i am gonna slip on my schedule. Since the time i closed the Stanford essay, i haven't made any progress. I had a torrid week actually. Since Tuesday, i have been sleeping by 3:00PM and waking up by 8:00 AM. Today it was still worse - i had to wake up by 6:30AM to go see a movie. The movie was good yes. Gave the chance to catch up with some friends. But i am jus feeling so TIRED.

Okie - let's take a look at the work ahead. The first thing that comes to my mind is the Harvard Ethics essay. I actually dug around and read lotta stuff on corporate ethics et al to write this essay. I started from this Wiki page and then i got lost - there were just so many links. I have found so much of info - i need to work on them. I have some ideas and i guess i have enuf material to write the 400 word long essay. It is just a case of deciding what "I feel" will be an ethical issue i need to be prepared to tackle.

Then there are Chicago essays. I think i will give myself the target of writing the three small ones by end of day tomorrow. If i can get all four of these essays done by tomorrow - i will feel good. But i don't think i am gonna do it. I guess the last one month of stressful life is showing its signs.
My body and more importantly my mind are screaming for some rest. So i am gonna sleep for as long as possible tomorrow and then work on the essays in the remaining time.

I wanna finish all the Chicago essays by next weekend - which seems possible really. I will also have to prepare content for the Recommendation briefing i wanted to have with my recommenders. Aah - one more busy week in prospect.

Now before i fall on the keyboard again, I'm off to sleep and get that much needed rest...
*Does a weak wave of the hands* BYE!


Hobbes said...

Dont work yourself over it, its a well deserved break! Yenjai! :)

Hobbes said...

hey, did u attend the W reception?

Iday said...

Yeah - i think so. The pain here is that even if i force myself out of it and take a break, the mind is always on it :)
I guess i am too obsessed about it :D

No man - i dint go to that event.
No more travelling :)

inblue said...

Chil ! Lose your bike twice in a week and it will an good break. Howzzat !!

Iday said...

Yeah right!!!

Actually i got caught by a mamu on Thursday for riding on one-way :) Never knew they had changed routes on that route. Funny part was i was all dressed up for a marriage.

Had to plead with the mamu to let me go. Mamu kept me waiting till he caught a car :) I escaped without any fine and reached the marriage just in time.

I dint enjoy it - so ur suggestion is rejected :P