Sunday, September 10, 2006

Chicago - finished

I think these are the most complete essays i have written till date in terms of content. As they say, u get better as u write essays and considering the fact that Chicago was the fifth school in my list, i must admit that "they" were correct. I feel really good about the essays i have written for this school and i don't think there will be any major change in them till i hit the submit button. Having said that, now i need to change some stuff in the essays of the first three schools to include the new stuff i used in the Chicago essays. Not much of content change, but stuff like minor focus shifts, a bit more explanation at some places, a bit less explanation at some places, no explanation at some places - heck this game is getting too interesting now :)

The good news is that i just have one more essay to finish now and i am planning to finish that today. The remaining of today, i want to spend filling up Transcripts and preparing my Resume. I have discussed with two of my recommenders about the recos and got them going. On Monday, I must be meeting one of them again and also the third one returns back from his vacation. So before Wednesday, the reco discussions must be complete and the recommenders must start writing them.

If i can stick to this plan, the only stuff that will be left will be the online applications. I have filled in all basic info in the online apps for all my target schools, sans Columbia. I have not started the Columbia application as i plan to do it after submitting all these schools. I really want to do it early, but i don't wanna add the extra load till i finish these apps with October Deadlines. So for these five schools, i will work on the online apps over the next few weekends. Starting this Monday, all my weeknights will be spent on reviewing and reworking on all the essays of the schools. I expect this to go on over the next two weeks and hopefully by the last week of September i must have complete Application packets for all these five schools. That's the plan as of now...

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