Friday, September 29, 2006

TOEFL Scores

I called up the ETS guys to know my TOEFL scores. As expected - it is a perfect 300.
Another $150 (test fee of $140 + the call-to-get-ur-scores fee of $10) spent well.

Formality sakes (okay - I agree I wanna boast), this is how I fared in the dreaded TOEFL

Listening: 30
Structure/Writing: 30
Reading: 30
Total: 300
Essay: 6.0

Yippppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :)


Anonymous said...

Why are you even taking Toefl test? Shouldn't you be exempt from this exam?

Iday said...

Aah!!! if only the kellogg AdComm agreed with ur views :(
Dont even get me started on it!!!

btw - can u disclose who u r??? :)
i'd like to know the person who's so confident on my skills :D

Anonymous said...

I am a Wharton grad based in Philadelphia.
Dmitri Ivanov

Iday said...

Glad u dropped by :)

Iday said...

Can i have your e-mail id please?
I'd like to know if you can spare some of your free time for me :)

Anonymous said...

I emailed you my contact info.

scipio said...

You effing rock dood..

Iday said...

@ Ivanov - thanks! I've sent u a pretty long mail :)

@ scipio - thanks dude.

JohnyCAGE said...

congrat buddy!
is it piece of cake for people who watch star world?

Iday said...


Star World???
i dont see the connection :D

JohnyCAGE said...

i mean you really have to get acquainted with ^^American Accesnt^^ right?

so that s why star world/ movies zee cafe ...
i mean its true isnt it?

Iday said...

u mean in the listening test???
i wudnt know the difference coz i see LOADS of hollywood movies.
so i guess i am already accustomed to it :)
in fact, i see lots of world movies actually.
so i guess i must be doing okay with any kind of english test :D

speaking on parallel terms, watching those channels must be helpful, yes!

kart said...

Great da... just checked ur blog. Congrats da. you are rocking.

Iday said...

danx dood :D