Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The standard deviation

I am on a book reading spree...
I felt hugely burnt out with no entertainment (apart from the 2 movies i have seen in the last 50 days). I thought i needed a break. So, what did i do!??! I read two books over the past two nights.

After finishing the second essaay of Chicago, i thought i'd take a small break. I couldnt concentrate on the essays anymore. So there was no point in writing them without my not being in a mood to do so. So i started with "five point someone" Monday night. Between 1AM and 6 AM, i went through a minor nostalgic trip to many happenings and possibilities in my past life :) It was a good read.

So i thought i would finish the other book by the same author. This one was not as interesting as the prev one but still i finished it yesterday night. And again - i went through the same journey :) IU have some good take aways from both the books. More importantly, i feel adequately deviated :) So today i have to get back to writing the essays.

Time to go to office now...


inblue said...

Keep that book away !
Read "Snapshots from hell" - Peter Robinson

Tell me if you dont love it !

Wanna Be Dictator said...

nice to know i'm not the only one burning out on the essays. i finished them up for my top three schools and am now stuck doing nothing for the past 4 days or so. i even thought that if i shouldn't apply anywhere else and that if i dont get admitted in my top three, i should wait and apply there again next year rather than compromising....

Iday said...

I am sure i wud love "Snapshots from hell". Heard loads abt it and read many reviews.
But - I wanted to read something light which i cud finish in a night.

These books did exactly what i wanted - made me feel better. There are places in both the books that make u smile without ur knowledge. Strikes a chord u know! There were many places where i cud draw parallels with the characters (and yeah there are so many of them to make sure this happens). There were some take aways too. I'm feeling better :)

i dont think feeling burnt out is such a nice thing to share :)
i still have 2 essays to finish. Then i will be doing all rework.

inblue said...

depends .I read Snapshots a long time ago and some things in it really enticed me. FPS didnt appeal too much because I was an enigeeering hostelite so i had load of fun.. he he

Iday said...

arre yaar - i was an Engg student too.
But lets jus close that with sayin i had a borin 4 yrs :(

since inblue the great (apart from loads of others :D ) recommends it so much, i shall buy SFH and read it pretty soon :)

inblue said...

Hey Chill !you needen't freak.. I marketted it because I LOVE SFH. Ha ha .