Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The weekend i spent sleeping

Yeah - u read that right!

After a really long time, i fell sick!!! I have been having single day flirts with fever but this one got me. It all started on Friday evening and after a gradual build up over Saturday, i was officially sick on Sunday morning. It was so bad that i could not sit in front of the computer throughout the entire weekend.

It was horrible in the sense that i could not write my essays. I had some achievable targets for this weekend plus I-day, but i could only end up completing 50% of the tasks. I'm not gonna crib abt the lost time. I think there is enough time and i am still on track. I can catch up for sure.

There is something to cheer though. Whenever possible i sat through the pain to write some essays and hence I am done with my Kellogg essays. They were definitely complex and thought provoking, but I'm glad I'm done with them. They're on their way for review. Wharton is next on the queue. I should have completed two Wharton essays by tonight, but that's as much behind schedule i am.

The fever has left me tired. During the next three days, I don't think i can give anytime to the essays after work hours. If my condition improves considerably, i will. But i don't see that happening. So i am planning to finish Wharton essays during the next weekend. I will then have the remaining of the month, 10 days to be precise, to finish atleast 2 of the Stanford monster essays.

That's it for now! Off to see "The Matrix" on HBO for the zillionth time.

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