Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The W Journey

Yeah - I'm back. Yesterday, i believed that i would not be able to work on my essays during the nights. But tonight, I'm working. I still dunno whether i can do it tomorrow, but today i did some important work. I've began writing the essays for the Wharton Application.

This is one tough nut to crack. In just 4 essays, and all of 2500 words, i am expected to present my profile in a manner that would impress the AdComm. It is a good 2 essays lesser than Kellogg and Harvard, but almost as wordy as the Harvard essays. But the diff with Harvard essays was that there were 6 tight essays there, where one answered specific questions. With Wharton, there is one all-inclusive-history kinda essay and then there are three who-art-thou kinda essays.

Good news is that i am done with the strategy to attack the Wharton essays. I now clearly understand the difference between writing the first set of essays and writing the third set of essays. I knew all the stuff i wanted to say and just had to decide where to say what. As i said, Wharton essays, apart from essay 1, are not straight forward and so finding a place for all my stories was a tough job.

Around 2 hours of work and i am done. i have copied stuff from my previous essays into relevant Wharton essays. I have the answers to their questions and have written four skeleton essays. I am satisfied with the profile these essays would present in front of the AdComm. I now have to spice 'em up and present them in a more appealing way.

Things are getting back into rhythm after the time i lost in the past two weeks coz of health related issues. I think i have to be careful during the next few months and not fall sick again. No more wasting time sleeping on the bed.

Okie - I'm off to sleep now. Will keep u guys posted abt the progress for sure...


Ekta said...

hey wow,
looks like ur getting into serious studies!
So all the very best for ur apps...hope u crack them!

Iday said...

hey ekta,
thanks for dropping by.
and thanks a tonne for ur wishes.

u've got a gr8 blog :)