Monday, August 07, 2006

The bangalore visit

Boy what a weekend!!! Two days of hyper-activity has given me a mild fever and a heavy cold. Nevertheless, the weekend was really worth every second of it. The weekend was perhaps more busy and active than even many of my weekdays.

It all started when it was 8PM on Friday night. I had a train at 11:15 and i had to be at home by 8PM. I was actually doing some shopping with my senior colleague. 8:30PM we were still shopping. 8:50PM we were still shopping. Then i realized that i was getting late and the mad run started. Ran to office, called mom saying I'd be at home in 20 minutes. It took me 30. Had a quick shower, packed my stuff, had the dinner without which my mom wudnt allow me out and hit the streets by 10:15 PM, not knowing whether I'd get a bus to the station.

This weekend i have experienced a few stuff after a long long time. The first of them would be the share auto trip. The minute i got into the auto i was thinking "It has been a really long time since i traveled in one!!!" And then i immediately realized that i was gonna travel in the train after a long time too. I reached the station a good 30 minutes before the departure time.

Next day morning, sharp at 5:30 i was in ice cold Bangalore. I took a bus to Marathalli where my friend stays. A fone call and 10 minutes later i met him, after a long time. We went to his house and i was so glad to see his laptop. I thought i could really work on my Kellogg essays sitting there. And i was WRONG. We were speaking about old times and new times when a applicant friend called up and we fixed a lunch time meet @ Barista in Leela Palace.

The friend did come and that was the first time we were meeting, since I'd got to know her thru the blog world. She was the same chatterbox i know and it was the usual fun. I let her do the speaking. We ordered some food, continued our usual discussions over the next 75 minutes or so and then she had to go. I caught a bus and went back to my friend's house.

Then began the real ride. Some 7 of us ganged up at a friend's house. On the way to this friend's house, i caught sight of Mrs.MS but could not speak to her. All 7 of then took a long trip to a hotel and had a wonderful dinner. I got to drive around in Bangalore for the first time and i absolutely loved the experience. The only problem was that i was not wearing any helmet and so the next day morning, i had a cold and there were signs of fever. I was feeling sick.

Sunday morning was boring. I spent the morning sleeping. By noon, we got back to Marathalli. I was getting ready for the GSB meet when another friend dropped by, whom i was seeing after a long time as well. He agreed to drop me at St.Marks road where the meet was to happen. Half way thru we were caught in the rain and the weather was just awesome. The heavy rain surprisingly stopped in 5 minutes and i was @ Barista in time. And i saw a surprisingly small place for a large crowd. I was in the meet till 9:30 PM and had to run away coz my train was at 10:45 PM. I caught an auto, reached the station, got into the train, got my ticket verified and hit the berth. i was tired beyond explanation and when i woke up i had a fever with a cold, but was glad to be back in chennai.


FSM said...

"The only problem was that i was not wearing any protection and so the next day morning, i had a cold and there were signs of fever. I was feeling sick."

Moral of the story - always use protection. :-)

Hope you get well soon!

Iday said...

FSM: thanks. I am back to being well. not feeling great about my health at the moment, but i am not feeling bad.

and yeah - will use all protective gear from now on ;)