Sunday, August 27, 2006

Sigh of relief

I just finished my first draft for the "What matters most to you and why?" essay. To say that i am relieved now would be an understatement. I feel as if a huge burden has been released off my shoulders. I am pretty sure that this draft is not the final product, but i am sure that this is pretty much what i want to write about. The contents will not change as i have placed them the way i wanted to, there is a decent flow (or so i think) and i guess i have said what i had to say within a single umbrella.

This was definitely the most difficult essay i have written till date. I have given this essay two solid days and i still only have a draft that barely qualifies to satisfy me. Good that Stanford deadlines are the last. There will come a time when i have only the Stanford essays to review and i will have to spend quality time on these essays. I will be working on all essays over the entire duration of September and am hoping to spend a lot of time on this essay again. End of day, i am sure that this will be the one essay every candidate spent the maximum time on.

The question to be asked is "Does this convey all my ideas to a reader who is unaware of who i am?" This will be answered by my reviewers. Speaking of reviewers, i take this opportunity to thank them half way through the process, not for the last time :) I have three reviewers as of now. I have been getting comments from two of them and they have been doing awesome work with my essays. I am sure the third reviewer is gonna be equally good. I remember reading somewhere that it is better to get the essays reviewed by 4 or 5 different reviewers. I don't know if i can reach that figure, i don't intend to. If i can get in touch with good reviewers, and i already have three of them, i would be satisfied. But yeah, i wudnt shy away from sending my essays to another reviewer or two if i come across people. Okie, Update! One of my reviewers has to go on a trip and hence unavailable over the next one month. Another reviewer has just pulled out citing personal reasons. So - there is just one reviewer at present. I have to search for new reviewers now. I know one person who can fit in. Otherwise, the hunt is on :)

I guess i will be able to finish work within deadlines. I am planning to give one more day to this essay. I will re visit this essay tomorrow and make changes wherever required. That gives me three days to work on the Career Goal essay of Stanford. Well, this one needs a lot of research to be done and i am glad i did loads of it before the GMAT preps. I can as such speak about the school. But i am sure i will have to re visit the school site and all the material again during the course of this essay. But yes, this is a lot easy compared to the famous Stan Essay 1. So three days should be fine.

That would mean i finish the fourth school by this Friday. This leaves Chicago to be written. The deadline for finishing Chicago will be Next weekend (Sept 10th). That would give me a full 20 days in September to revisit all the essays again. I am sure i am gonna make changes in many of the essays i wrote earlier. After four schools, i have more focus and clarity reg what i want to say and i guess this is missing in the earlier essays. I have to re-read them a 100 times, make modifications and finalize the essays. Finalizing them is the most difficult part of the process. When it comes to essay writing, enough is never enough!!!

Long post i see. After effects of writing a 2000 word essay :)


inblue said...

Boy ! Slow down. how do you churn out so many words in a week !! I am just moving with chicago.

Iday said...

Things move faster after you write the first set of essays. Once i finished witing the essays of Harvard, Kellogg and Wharton essays were done in a flash. The two smaller essays of Stanford were done wuickly too. This famous Stan A showed why it is so famous :)

but then - i am beginning to wonder whether i should slow down. Finishing four schools in a month sounds cool. But i am worried whether i am doing things too quickly. The advantage i see here is that i have finished my work and still have lots of time to revisit each and every essay and make changes :)

Silent Warrior said...

sHit,i missed Wharton info session which gonna conduct on day after 2moro.Hey IdaY of u attend then lemmie knw hwz thingz hav gone their.BTW abt ur essay,dude u r damn fast yaar.itz Good(ur AWA is evidence for that).However still u hv time,so analyse completely even it may b smaller issue and then start writing.And All the best for your appz.

Iday said...

i'm not attending the Wharton session. As i mentioned a few posts earlier - i am not travelling till i submit all my apps. You can go there and try getting in. Many ppl attended the Chicago sessions that way. Jus go and say that u cud not register coz by the time u came to know of the session it was full. You MIGHT get in. No promises :)

Yeah - i gotta analyze on all essays for sure!
Thanks for dropping in btw :)
All the best with ur apps and/or, err, whatever u r doing in life :D
cudnt make out anything from ur blog!

johnyCAGE said...

hv u ever thought of showing ur essay for review... to one of the members of bloggers comm? maybe ur seniors ...
any thoughts?

Iday said...

hey jc. thanks for dropping by.
yeah - i am getting my essays reviewed. There is one blogger and a friend who r reviewing the essays.
There were two more bloggers (one of whom is another applicant) who were reviewing the essays - now it is only the first two ppl.