Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Stan Game is on

I have been writing the essays for Stanford over the past few days. This is my second post abt these essays and i re-iterate what i told earlier. I just love the way the Stan guys have asked their essay questions. I hear that it is a lot like what MIT has been doing for quite some time. Let me jus stick with Stan.

There are 4 essays one has to write for the Stan application and i am done with the two smaller ones. Now don't get misled by the "smaller" tag over there. The two essays are 900 and 850 words. I don't really know if it is okay to be so long. But that's how long they are now. May be i must shrink it. I'll wait for the feedback from my reviewers and then decide. If they're good as they are i will keep them long. I don't think i have lamented a lot.

Now that the supposedly smaller essays are done, it is time to look at the long ones. I am gonna begin with the longest of them all. Wait - i have already began with this one. This is a 4 page all-inclusive essay and I have written the intro. I also have jotted down the stuff i wanna cover and all that is left is to pull in stuff from the other essays and arrange all that in an order.

I am not gonna do a simple copy & paste work. I cannot do that coz the essay has to have a constant theme. I will have to rework on all the stuff i have written earlier to make the content fit here. Again, such a painful process is just made enjoyable because of the theme i am toying with. The Stan first essay is extremely personal and I'm really excited to finish it soon and see the end result. Hope it comes out well.

I am planning to start working on that tomorrow and the whole weekend. Once that is done, i will start writing Stan 2 - the career goal essay. Do i have plans for that already??? I don't think so. But i think i can finish that over the next week and finish all work before the deadline. I wanted to finish 4 schools by end of August and i think i will.

Since Rani had advised not to say goodbye as "it kills the hope of meeting again" i part with this extremely positive note...

Ciao folks!!!


Hobbes said...

"the essay has to have a constant theme"

Good to see you are thinking on the right lines. Wish I had done so much thinking before apping last yr...

And are u really looking at apping to 11 schools?

Iday said...

hey thanks!
i havent decided anything beyond the first 6 schools.
Concentrating on R1 for the time being.