Saturday, August 26, 2006

Matter, Matter everywhere, what matters the most???

Perhaps this is the single most discussed essay among the B school applicants at this point of time. Almost all the 2009 applicants who are applying to Stanford and have started writing this essay have something to say abt this one. This is a killer for sure and everyone agrees that this essay needs more work than the others.

So - what do i have to say??? Nothing different. I am in the process of writing my first draft and i think i have done a decent job. I have finished three-fourth (okay i have to quantify things - 3 pages) of the essay. I am pretty happy with the first two pages of the essay. I feel that the third page I have written lacks the punch. I think i will have to re-write that page.

One thing must be mentioned, this is one draining essay. Since it gets so personal and you have to analyze things too close to you or things from really old times, you get a weary feeling as you progress. Writing this one continuously is not possible for sure. BTW - i have been at this essay since this afternoon and i am now in that worn out state. I cant think of a word. I guess it is primarily because of my dissatisfaction with the last page i wrote, but the experience of going through some of my past experiences has had a major impact on my present mental state.

I'm off to take a break now. Will get working on this essay after the break. I am planning to finish the first draft of this essay tonight.

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