Saturday, August 19, 2006

This is good!!!

When i started the essay writing journey, i read so much about them. In almost all the stuff i read, there was this standard line saying "The first school will take a long time to complete. But once that is done, the remaining schools will be easy."

I was not really sure abt that then. I thought "If it takes some time to work on one school's essays, it should atleast take 75% of that time for the other schools." The schools had different essay questions and will hence require almost the same time. But now i know what those writers meant.

It took me quite some time to write the Harvard essays. I have worked on the Kellogg essays for an equally long time. But I'd attribute that for a lost weekend and the poor health i had to put up with. I finished three of the four Wharton essays in just a day. Hoe is that for speed.

The reason is simply this - the Harvard and Kellogg essays have completed the complete profile that i now exactly know what i have to write in all my applications. So when i start working on the essays of a school, i get the stuff i wanna write, select suitable essays to write them and go about writing them. This selection process took me long initially. But after two schools (two and 3-quarter now) the selection process is swift. I spent 10 minutes in all to strategize my Wharton application. The Stanford application now looks simpler than it did at the beginning of the month. Now i know what those guys meant.

BTW - i am liking this whole application process and i am also liking the fact that i am progressing really well.

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