Wednesday, August 23, 2006

100 posts later...

Yeah - this is my hundredth post in the blog. Boy - it's been such a ride.

I began this blog much in boredom. This was during mid December 2005, when i was bored about almost everything in life. Job was boring, the happenings at the company were frustrating (to put it mildly), I had just finished a "i-might-i-might-not" CAT and was missing the company of a good friend who was in Singapore (and/or Malaysia) on her Honeymoon trip and would soon move out of Chennai. Life was going nowhere and it was a period of time when i was doing nothing that was interesting. Probably the best thing i did those days was seeing all those DVDs.

So - i started this blog as a complete loser. Over the past few months, i have lost many and achieved some. My CAT score was a big disappointment. SPJain dint call. XAT was a whisker away from a BM call. Work was still boring. And that's all about the losses.

The gains are great. I started to live my life the way i wanted to live my life. I realized that i cud not offer the kind of dedication required for CAT preps. I decided to look beyond IIMs. Today i am done with my GMAT and right in the middle of my MBA apps. Though i failed in CAT, the process gave me some friends. I closely followed two people who had their interviews with Indian Bschools and i got to know more of the process. I also did something extremely close to my heart - i joined a dance school and performed on stage. I earned some friends there too.

The GMAT process and the MBA apping journey has not been any less beneficial. I have crossed the hurdle called GMAT with really good figures. I am aspiring high with my apps. Every day, i do a lot of things i like, i learn something more and i am eager to wake up every morning. There is such a contrast between the time i started this blog and now. There is no more dull moment in my day.

I am the kind of person who likes to be busy always and these days, i am just that - busy. Always busy. Been so since i started my GMAT preps and i am not tired of it. I get the feeling that i am made for this and hence i am thoroughly enjoying the process.

Looking at the future - i only hope that the run continues. By the time i get to 200 posts, which i think will take close to 4 months, i hope to be done with the apping process for good and be writing abt the things on the way to my B school.

Till then, the journey continues...

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