Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Career Goals essay that is gonna change all other career goals essay.

That's what the Stan essay is doing to me now. I really have never been forced to dig so deep into my career goals. I now realize that i have so many stronger stuff to say which i might have to add to the career goals essay of the other school. The Career goals have not changed a bit (is that even possible???) but i need to add more stuff.

I reworked on the Career goals essay of Stanford and have modified content in the first one and a half pages i created yesterday. I feel they are stronger now and, as they say, tighter!!! I have explained the goals and justified the shift in Industry (i really like this bit). Now i have to justify these goals, which would come in between the "goals" and "shift" portion of the essay. Then i go to write the why Stanford bit. I am wondering whether this is gonna go more than 3 pages. I am trying really hard to keep it within limits. I really want to finish the entire Stan essay within the 11 page limit they have mentioned.

I am all the more worried abt the word limits in the other essays now. HBS, for example, has a career goals essay which has a 400 word limit :( Since i am planning to rework on all the career goals essay, this would be like shrinking a 1500 word long essay into a 400 word one. It is gonna be fun :) Kellogg gives 2 pages for Career progress + Future Goals, while Wharton gives 1000 words, Chicago asks for everything in 1500 words and Columbia gives 1000 words just for this. Gonna be one heck of a ride writing all these essays.

Now, i agree that the schools are significantly different - but my goals can never change from one school to the other :) But the amount of clarity i now have, i dint have that some 3 essays ago. Even if i had started with the Stanford essays, it would have taken me the same 4 essays to reach where i am today :)

Tomorrow is the month end and i guess i will be done with this essay tomorrow. As the weekend nears, i have work ready for the weekend - re work on all the Career essays and finish the ethics essay of Harvard. Heck, I am in a mood to write, but i got to attend a marriage tomorrow morning and hence cannot continue. I will write for just some more time, try to finish the "why goals" part and then shut shop for the day. Catch ya'll later tomorrow with more update. Ciao...

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