Sunday, August 20, 2006

Done with W

I've finished the Wharton essays as i had promised. Now that's a big achievement. But i dunno whether i am really done. I know how confusing that sounds.

I have written all four of the Wharton essays. Wharton 1 was a re-write of Kellogg 1 with the schools specific portion modified. I infact went through the entire essay twice to see if there were any Kellogg specific stuff in the other parts of the essay. I think i now have a generic essay which i can use for Chicago and Columbia also. This is really good :) Wharton 2 was completely new. This is a failure and i think i have a good example. The only glitch is that it is not from professional life. I haven't had much failures there. So i had to use an experience from undergrad days. But i guess that would suffice.

Wharton 3 and 4 were "pick from the lot". I one that asked about "Impact on a group" and one that asked "what i do best". I am convinced about the Impact essay. I have a strong example and written the same thing for other schools. So nothing new there. The last one is what i am still not confident about. This is a pretty open ended essay and i decided to present my EC stuff here. To do that, i guess i had to present the stuff in a twisted manner so that what i say fit into the theme of the question. I hope i have done that well.

I have sent my essays to my reviewer and am waiting like a kid waiting for his mid-term results. I can imagine what I'd go through during late October and early November :)

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