Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Knock Knock Harvard

Almost two and a half months after i appeared for my GMAT exam, i reported my score to Harvard and Kellogg during the weekend. I had always wanted to apply to these schools, more so after i started digging about these schools on the way to my GMAT, but i went with safer options with the five free options i got.

Okay - those five schools are not SAFE by any means, i only said "safer". Schools where i thought i made a competitive candidate. I accept that this feeling is agonizingly getting stronger and weaker as i go through the application process. I have learnt to ignore this feeling till i finish my applications. There is just no point in worrying abt the outcome before i finish my work.

I have rolled out the recommendation requests for Harvard, Stanford and Chicago. My recommendors have promised to finish it ASAP. As luck would have it three of my recommendors are out of station and two of them have important family occasions to attend. The third out of station recommender was touring this weekend, will be touring next weekend and will again be touring the third weekend. So - she wudnt be able to work on the recos as well. Looks like if my recos will start moving only by early September.

I have started working on Stanford essays. I absolutely love the way Stan has asked extremely personal questions. It is now upto the applicants to make it as close to their heart as possible. The Stan guys themselves recommend this approach. Most of their question is about what the applicant thinks, what he feels etc etc. I'm enjoying the process of writing them. Compared to the other schools, Stan essays make u dig a bit more deeper into thy self.

I am planning to finish this by the month end, a achievable target as of now. i have completed half of one of the smaller essays. Have 3 more to go. I am hoping i can finish the two short ones and the longest first essay by this Sunday.

My overseas reviewer got back with the reviewed Kellogg essays and she liked the way they flowed. It was particularly glad to hear that coz all that she knows abt me were thru the essays and if she doesnt complain abt flow - i think i am doing well. Much of the credit must go to my other reviewer. Both of them still have work to do though :D

I am planning to finish writing the essays, get them reviewed for correctness and finish working on the review comments on all the essays by September 15th. After that i plan to spend the remaining time on reading and re reading and re reading the essays and make them personal and foolproof. I will submit all my applications a week before the deadlines.

Writing this post has given the impetus i needed. I'm off to work on the second half of that Stanford essay. ciao...


Anand said...

looks liek there is a fair bit of hard work on here...all the best with ur apps!

Iday said...

hey anand,
thanks for dropping in and thanks a lot for your wishes :)

Forrest Gump said...

i am so jealous !! (ok, kidding;))

wish you good luck with your apps. are you planning to app to all schools listed on your right panel?

Iday said...

//forrest gump
Thanks for ur jealousy :P
I am applying to 6 schools (H/S/W/K/Ch/Co) in R1.
Havent decided anything about the R2 schools as yet.
Naturally - i dont wanna get into R2 :)