Saturday, August 12, 2006

The tired week and the long weekend ahead

I guess the title says it all.

Following the Bangalore trip and the resultant dip in health, the previous week has been a total waste. I did work on the Kellogg essays, but nothing much to cheer about there. Out of the 6 essays to be written for Kellogg, i have a draft for essay 1. I am satisfied with this one. I have started working on essay 2, but it is just going no where. Looks like i have to either start from scratch or do something else with this one.

I have decided to do the third essay after I'm done with the rest. This is an analytical essay for which i have to refer stuff from all the other ones. The smaller essays have been easy. I have worked on two of them and have close-to-satisfactory drafts. I need to work just a little more on them. I have the story for the their small essay. Will have to write it down.

I haven't worked enough during the week. I was tired and sick and busy. I am hoping that this would the only week of this kind in the next 2 months to come. I did some work, but i am sure i could have done more.

Okay - enough of the past. Now let's look into the future.

This is a long weekend. Monday i gotta go to work, but i don't think i will have a lot to do. So i have 3 of the next 4 days to work on the essays. So, what's the plan???

I must finish Kellogg during this weekend and start working on Wharton. This is the one line goal i have set to myself. If i break that down into essays, i have 1 small essay and 1.5 big essays of Kellogg to finish. Wharton's first essay is exactly the same as that of Kellogg, apart from "Why this school" part. Apart from that there are three more essays to be written for Wharton. I am planning to finish atleast two of them. I don't have a strategy for W - as to what story goes where. Gotta get that nailed and then i have to sit down writing the essays.

So yeah, that's the plan. I'm off to work now.

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