Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I hate time zones

It is the first of November here in India, but i still have to wait for half a day more for November to begin in USA, or specifically Chicago :)

Really - it doesn't make any sense to say it is 1:45 AM in the middle of the day at US. But still there are some problems specific to B school applicants, which these time zone guys do not realize :(

Okay - November is here. Wharton says that around 60% of interview calls are sent out during the last 2 weeks (source S2S Forums) and Chicago sends invites only during these 2 weeks :) Let's see what i have in hand after these two weeks. Oh - let's not forget the other schools.

How i hate this part of the game!


Anonymous said...

hold on budd.

inblue said...

ha ha ! You are suffering an anxiety attack !

Iday said...

yeah yeah :)

i seriously think i shud go get that book now.

BTW - why don't u come to Chennai now??? This looks like the perfect time to do the "travel guide" work i promised i'd do ;)