Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Update on Kellogg

The status of my Kellogg app changed finally. All this time, it was "Part 1 received". Now they seem to have matched up Part 1 and Part 2. Hence the status check site gives me a more detailed summary of my status. They have got all the material i submitted online. But they still haven't matched my transcripts with my app.

Looking at the whole Kellogg process, i see a lot of operational difficulties with this process. Each application that reaches Kellogg is a sum of many different parts, coming in through various means. It is so complex. Kind of explains why it took them so long to update the status.

Now that my interview has been waived, my app should go into review straight away. I dont think i will hear from Kellogg in November - let's see :)


Juggler said...

Please change your template :-)

Anonymous said...

hold on , budd :-)

Iday said...

LOL :)
There are ppl who like this template.
I'll see if i can find something that wud satisfy u as well :)

is this ur standard comment or what :D

Juggler said...

Hey thanx a lot for the wishes!

It's just an obsessive disorder :P Can't do much abt it...