Thursday, November 16, 2006

DWI from Wharton

Just got the official notification on the online application system.
So, the W journey ends here :)

With no info expected from any of the remaining schools in the immediate future, this looks like the beginning of a long dull period. The next thing to look up to is the Chicago Interview next weekend.

So till i hear anything from the other schools or till i have an update, good bye and be good :)


Cornfed MBA said...

Sorry, Iday. That sucks. But you have Chicago to look forward to.

Good luck with that one and forget about Wharton!

Nivedita said...

Sorry to hear that! Good luck with Chi intw!...keep us posted!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that -- I am in the same boat as you. Hope our Chicago interviews go well!

rungee582 said...

That's a bummer. Best of luck w/ Chicago... I'm sure you'll do a great job.

MBA babe said...

Sorry to hear :( but BOL in your Chicago interview!! Still lots of great schools left on your list!

Anonymous said...

that sucks dude! I'd buy you a drink but I think you are about 7,000 miles away. keep the faith!

StressTensor said...

Sorry about that but all the best for Chicago. Keep us posted!

JatWarrior said...

Sorry to hear that, mate. These things happen in the process. Hang in there and do well on the interviews from other schools.

inblue said...

Hey come on now ! Wharton is just one school.Its indeed a pain and i know how it feels. Its scares me to think of W in R2 now. But go vent out everything before that Chi interview comes up. Mine is tomorrow

ScareCrow said...

All the best for the Chicago interview...keep us posted.

Iday said...

@cornfred mba
Yeah! One night's sleep and I've put Wharton behind me :D
thanks for ur wishes :)

thanks :)
will do.

bad luck to u mate.
thanks for ur wishes :)

thanks for the vote of confidence.
Will give my best shot at Chicago for sure :)

@mba babe:
the list is long, but i only know abt Chicago and Wharton for the moment.
The rest is all with the AdCom and i think it is better that i forget them for the moment :)
thanks for ur wishes :)

thanks for the offer mate. Will give u a chance to get me that drink once i land up there sometime next year ;)

thanks :)
will keep u posted for sure.

yeah - it is not guaranteed that all schools would offer us an invite :)

yeah yeah - i've put it behind :)
i dont think there is any reason to get scared. u must apply for sure.
nothing to vent out really. I'm thru :)

All the best with ur chicago interview. Lemme know how it goes.

thanks :)
will definitely keep u all posted!

Anonymous said...

Hey iday, i am really sorry to hear that bud. Having recd similar news from Columbia, I know exactly how u feel. Its imp not to lose focus at this time, you have your Chi interview, so concentrate on that.

I can already see from the post that you have a positive attitude towards this - that can only help. Good, keep that up and u shud b good to go :)


Iday said...

thanks for ur wishes man. I am not feeling low at the moment. A bit disappointed - but that's it :)

i'm gearing up for the Chicago Interview. There's nothing else i am thinking of at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about Wharton but I'd echo with what others had to say about concentrating on Chicago. Give the interview your best shot and the rest will follow.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

hmm...the Big W looks beyond test scores...........well there are a lot of schools that want ppl with 750...good luck.

MBABlogger said...

Good luck for Chicago !

Iday said...

thanks :)

well - i think my app had a lot more than jus the 750 :)

Anyway - i dont think there is no point speaking abt W anymore.

thanks :)

Anonymous said...

hi - i have an invite from UCGSB and W and have heard one guy with an HBS invite - you know of any patterns about HBS interview invites? what kind of ppl they like, how many ppl they interview in India - that kind of info? wonder whether its too early to give up hopes abt HBS - lucky you say you can sleep things off, i cant even sleep!

Iday said...

I dont know much abt the HS process. I dont think anyone knows as much information as we'd like to know. HBS is too tight lipped abt their app evaluation process.

Ofcourse it is too early to give up hopes abt HBS. I think most of their invites go out by late Nov. All the best and keep ur fingers crossed :)

The Caspian said...

Iday - sorry to hear about W. Good luck with Chicago - it's also a fantastic school. Keep up the good work.

Iday said...

@the caspian:
thanks :)
will give my best shot at chicago for sure :D