Monday, November 13, 2006

The last week of W invites

Only four days remain and then the doors into the prestigious Wharton 2 year MBA program will then be shut out, at least till next year. Without an invite in hand, it is only natural to feel negative at this point of time.

But to all those who haven't received an invite as yet, take heart from the fact that Wharton invites close to 50% of their applicants and also that most (a huge percentage may i say) of the invites are rolled out during the last fews days, if not the last day. At least this is the impression i get after reading posts from dependable sources in the S2S forums.

I myself haven't received an invite yet and am banking on these facts :)
Add to it this update from wharton :)
So to all those fellow applicants, there still is hope.There are people who received an invite minutes before the deadline and then went on to get an admit in to the class!!!

Be positive :)
All the best, to you and me!!!


asiangal said...

It's great that you're keeping positive! Best of luck. =)

Iday said...

Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Getting more and more anxious with each passing hour :(

The Caspian said...

Hang in there Iday!

Iday said...

welcome to the last day :)

yeah - i am :|