Thursday, November 09, 2006

I am back!!!

Shrugged the sickness off.
Cant be sick anymore.
It is more boring than waiting for the invites :)

A very big thanks to all you kind fellas who wished for my good health.

Went to office today, cleared the 80 odd mails in my inbox, did some pending work, had a meeting with team leads and my manager on the visit of someone big, wanted to come back by 6 and finally cmae back by 8. Looks like i'll have to do a presentation to this big-shot. Will have to prepare for it (gather data basically) over the next few days. My manager wants a test run sometime next week.

Apart from that, nothing. My Chicago interview is still a good 2 weeks away and no news from anywhere else.

Now, off i go to sleep :)


Hobbes said...

Welcome back, saar! [:)]

Any news from any other school?

Iday said...

thanks :)

i wish i had some news. but nothing here :)

-tvu said...

Happy B-day! You'r almos done w/ version 2.x Version 3.x is more fun...if you can imagine that, but it's true.

Iday said...

thanks :)
I'm eager to see/experience version 3.x too ;)

Anonymous said...

Many Happy returns of the day...n hope you get the birthday gist you want :)