Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Three days since i last blogged and hence i have quite some updates:

I received a mail from the AdComm asking me to verify my demographic information and reminding me abt the interview deadline and that i schedule an interview before it. The important news from this letter is that GSB will notify applicants of their final decision (admit or deny) or Dec 20th, a full 15 days earlier than their original Jan 4th decision deadline. This is really cool :)

I have made necessary travel arrangements for the interview. Preps have started slowly and i think i will use this weekend to fine tune all my answers and re-read the essays. Once this is done, i will be all set to interview.

The folks at Kellogg AdComm have finally matched all parts of my application. Since my interview has been waived, my app will go into review straightaway. I might have a telephonic interview if they feel the need to have one. Else i will know of the final decision around the decision deadline - Jan 7th.

No invite from Wharton, yet :(
Tonight, i will know whether i qualify for an interview (and hence still be in the race) or whether i am out with a DWI. I am neither feeling negative nor feeling positive. Tell me the name Wharton and i draw a blank. I really don't know what to think. This wait has been horrible. It all ends today, one way or the other.

Here's me - hoping for a last day invite. Let's see what they think.

HBS & Stanford
No status change from both Stanford and HBS. The app status is in Submitted. While the status in the HBS app is never gonna change, Stanford supposedly changes the status to something like "Under Review" once they start reading the app. I see in the www that people have started getting invites from both these schools. But there is only silence as far as my apps are concerned. Looks like this is gonna be one (rather two) long waiting period till mid-Jan.

Life otherwise has been fine. I've been slowly moving into complete health after the sickness last week. I think i am there, but i am still almost always tired and sleepy. Guess i need another weekend to finish the recovery.

My project at work is up for renewal, after nearly two years. Some of the folks in my team (me included) are working on a preparing stuff to be presented during a meet with the client manager, who's scheduled to visit us on this Monday. This has been a good detour from the Wharton worry and has also been another great experience in business development :) This is as if we are making a proposal for a new project. Monday's gonna be quite a day! I'm looking forward to the presentation and other stuff :)

Okay - time to run to work now.
Will post the fate of my Wharton app, once i get to know it. Either way, I'll know it by tomorrow morning.

Till we meet again, take care and be good :)


-tvu said...

Good luck!

Dee said...

best of luck. been reading you posts for a while and anxiously awiating my own updates :)

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about it there are still other opportunities awaiting you!

Anonymous said...

Oops I meant to leave that comment on the above post!

Anonymous said...

hey sorry to hear about Wharton. still have lots of other great schools to get into.

Iday said...

luck dint favor me man :)
anyway - W is out of my radar now.
howz ur GMAT preps comign up???

thanks :)

yeah - i've put wharton beyond me and am looking forward to the rest.

yeah - waiting to hear from the others :)

leoaueb said...

I am a silent viewer of your blog for a long time. Being myself also an international student I can relate to what you are going through. I admit that it was a shock to see that ding from Wharton. Still, don't swet it, it's just a matter of time for one of the rest B-Schools to invite you to their family! Take care....

Iday said...

Yeah - W is well and truly beyond me now :)
All the best with your apps too.