Friday, November 24, 2006

Finalized my chicago GSB interview

My interviewer called me from the place he is presently in, to finalize this. We discussed all options and decided that the sooner we finish this, the better it would be.

Since i could get tickets to be in Bangalore on Wednesday and since we both preferred to finish this as soon as possible, we've decided to meet and have a chat on Wednesday.

I guess we are going to meet in the evening. That's what he suggested.
Hope i'd have a nice time and some fun in the interview :)


-tvu said...

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Hes cool,man...intense but'll know what I mean after its thru...

Iday said...

thanks :)

@ganja turtle:
i really dont understand what u r saying :)
As u say, let me see if this makes more sense to me after i finish the interview.

ScareCrow said...

All the best man :-)

Iday said...

hey, thanks :)

asiangal said...

Evening sounds like a good time ... more relaxed and with the option to extend if you enjoy the conversation. Best of luck!

Iday said...

on the flip side, he cud be tired after a day's work and things cud get rushed up :) also - he would have jus returned from a business trip on the prev night. So, it is tricky :)

But if he were me, the opportunity to meet and chat with a Bschool aspirant must keep him excited and interested :) I'd love to do that, even after the toughest of tough days at work :D

Anny said...

All the best dude...if anyone can impress, itz you....jus b sure that it wud be a cakewalk for you :)

MBA babe said...

Good luck on Wednesday! Glad you finally pinned down an interview time :)

Iday said...

thanks :) I'm hoping it would be a nice experience.

Thanks :)