Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Thanks to inblue

I followed her suggestion to kill the boredom. I fell sick. But perhaps i followed to too well. I fell hyper sick.

I picked up a fever on Saturday evening, and been fighting with it since then. Loads of medicines and hours of sleep later, i am recuperating out of it. This is one phase of life i never liked. Even the period of sickness is better. My taste buds seem to be masked with a unity function of bitterness. Anything i try to eat - i taste only bitter. Add to it, i feel the smell of medicines all around. Shit - i hate it.

I know it will pass. But i am terribly frustrated and feeling pretty low now. I was supposed to meet a friend on Sunday, which got postponed to Wednesday coz i was sick. we cannot meet on Wednesday too coz i am still sick :( Haven't been to work for two days now, and the count is definitely not gonna stop at two. I haven't seen the outside world since Saturday evening, apart from the one frustrating hour i waited to meet the doctor. I have never been so sick in my life. This is the worst I've ever gone through. Sigh!!!

OK - that's a lot of unpleasant stuff. I am feeling much better now. The appetite is back, but the bitterness is still there. The fever is almost gone. I think i should be back to normal in a couple of days.

There is no update the applications. Even though I fell sick, i feel good for the fact that the GSB interview has been scheduled for a later time. Everything happens with a reason :)

Time to munch something and get back to bed. You guys take care and be good :)


ScareCrow said...

Get well soon :)

Iday said...

yeah :(
i should.

Anonymous said...

remember the bad times you spent in office, and enjoy the love and care you might be getting...if this case doesnt hold good for you, then Get Well soon ;)

Iday said...

no no.
home is better than office any day.
but a healthy me at work is better than a sick me at home :(

i am in the process of getting well...
thanks for ur wishes :)

MBA babe said...

i hope you feel better soon! Now that your apps are in, I think the adrenaline has worn out...give yourself a chance to rest & recuperate :)

Iday said...

@mba babe:
thanks :)

I am taking a hell lot of rest, yeah. I am planning to not go to work this entire week. My manager's not gonna be too happy abt it though ;) and i'll have to put up with loads of work the next week once i return. but right now - i am not bothered abt any of that.

rungee582 said...

Blah - being sick is the worst. Glad to hear you are bouncing back a little... finish getting well. :)

Anonymous said...

Don't think about your apps, watch hours of pointless TV! Hope all is well.

Iday said...

thanks for your wishes :)

@high above broadway:
thanks. all is not well already - but yeah, getting there slow and steady :)

inblue said...

Good that you are recovering now. I know how your eating goes for a toss after fever. I do hate those antiniotics.

inblue said...

BTW Thanks for marketing me !:) I am sure i am going to feature on

'10 things MBA Applicants do to manage anxiety'

Iday said...

yeah yeah :)
perhaps u shud write a book on it and have my name somewhere on it.
something like here are the people who tried, tested and fool proofed the 10 suggestions the author offers ;)

Anonymous said...

Iday, it can get worse dude. You know, I once sprained my ankle when I was staying alone in Blore. And I used to stay on the 3rd floor , lol. I gulped down some painkillers and 'bout an hour later went out to stock food for the next 3 days. And I survived on biscuits, chips, colas, cakes till my ankle healed . lol.
I know how low poor health can get you .
And it feels like it's never gonna end. You should ask some friends to come over. That might feel good.
I remember missing Mom.

Anonymous said...

Hey, hope u get well soon! U need to start prep for the 25th :)

BTW, couldnt u have chosen a better suggestion from inblue, like the books or the movies? :p

Iday said...

i live with my parent man :)

thanks for ur wishes :)
i have started some soft prepping when this sickness came in. Should continue from this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Hey, get well soon! And don't worry about Wharton. It looks like we are in the same boat, can compare progress with our schools :) I've got invitation from Chicago at the same day as you, and still wait for news from W, as you know from my blog.

Iday said...

thanks for ur wishes :)
i am much much better today.

yeah - together we all wait as W plays this long game :)