Wednesday, November 22, 2006

My interview's postponed


My interviewer is stuck up with his client and hence will not be able to meet me on Sunday as we'd decided. He seems to be in the middle of something and things are really out of his hands.

The different option he proposed were
  1. Meeting in a weekday once he is back (he expects to be back on Tuesday or Wednesday)
  2. Selecting a different interviewer
  3. Telephonic interview
I'm obviously more keen on option 1 and I've mailed him informing about the same. Yet to receive a reply from him on this.

I guess i will work on my R2 apps this weekend. I just discussed with my mentor (recommender no:1) and i'd asked him to work on the recos and even submit them since things cannot wait till the last moment. I'm hoping i will have to do nothing after Dec 20th, but i'd lose valuable time if i waiting till i get that news.


Hobbes said...

oh damn!!! Ya, perpersonally even I feel its better to interview in person. Good luck!

MBA babe said...

arghh that must be frustrating!!! Hopefully you can use the extra time to your benefit :) (and hopefully the interviewer will give ya some points for being so accommodating about changing around the schedule). Hope it gets finalized soon. Best of luck!!!

StressTensor said...

In person is the best option. All the best!

Iday said...

the main point is i want to meet an alumni :)
Kellogg deprived me of it. I'm not missing this opportunity i have.

frustrating? no!!! I am being very calm throughout the whole process :)
Dint think abt the brownie points though - good point.
That's some thing that makes the wait worthy enuf :D

Yeah! Thanks :)

inblue said...

Do it in person. Even it it is 9.30 PM IST. Weekday should be good too..

Iday said...

yeah. that is why i said to him that i'll wait for his return :)

asiangal said...

Must be frustrating because I'm sure you're at this phase where you want to get everything over with so you can move on to other things in life (well, that's how I feel anyway). =)

Iday said...

No - it is not frustrating as yet as i realise that the situation is out of my hands. Furthermore, my interviewer is in a situation of which he has no control as well. So i am just playing along :)

There are some times when we should let things happen when they want to happen. I guess this is one of those times. Nevertheless, these are the times when we get he chance to do the other things we want to do. Like me working on the R2 apps now ;)

Well, the time we prepare for GMAT is really one of those times.
As with everything else, this too will pass :)

Anonymous said...

Which R2 Apps are you going to work on?

Iday said...

i havent decided on them yet.
BTW - who is this???

Anonymous said...

I'm Sateesh. First round applicant based out of US. found your blog interesting. so was curious about your R2 apps.


Iday said...

Hey Sateesh,
Thanks for dropping in. Glad u find the blog interesting :)

I have some schools in mind (Columbia, Tuck, Stern, Ross, etc etc) but havent finalized on the schools i am gonna actually apply. I guess i will sit down to decide on it after the Chicago interview.