Thursday, October 12, 2006

My date with W-AdCom

Not exactly a date! I should probably call it a month and based on whether i get an invite for interview or not, it might get stretched to two months or two years :) Today is officially the beginning of all of it.

Yes!!! Even as the deadline for Wharton's R1 is passing by, wharton's AdCom came out with this great post where they explain what might happen to our applications. I really like this part of Wharton. They understand what we, as applicants, go through and try to reduce the anxiety as much as it is possible. There is still anxiety with so many internal deadlines though :)

But atleast the process is clear as water - the unpolluted kind ;)

So yeah - I am being evaluated by the AdCom and i really hope they like me.

And to all the other fellow applicants - a very warm ATB. While the fingers of my right hand are crossed for my sake, the fingers of the other one are crossed for all of you :)


Anonymous said...

We both blogged abt the same topic :)

Iday said...

hobbes - i'm sure there are many more around :)

Anonymous said...

ATB buddy.

Iday said...

thanks :)