Sunday, October 22, 2006

Stanford Submitted

After lot of reading and re-reading my essays, I just hit the submit button.
Yeah - i got poorer by $245 :)

The confirmation mail from Stanford says they wanna interview between 800 and 1200 candidates and admit between 400 and 500 students. This means there is gonna be an increase in their class size. Cool :) That was me jumping the gun. This is just the usual number of offers :)

Nothing more is known abt the status of online apps. Must dig abt that in the days to come. I obviously have time to kill :) Loads of them, infact.

BTW - gotta make my manager submit his Stanford Reco tomorrow. That will completely complete the R1 applications :)


-tvu said...

Good Luck buddy!

ScareCrow said...


"they wanna interview between 800 and 1200 candidates and admit between 400 and 500 students."
- I don't understand how can a school reserve such an important info for the submission

Forrest Gump said...

very nice work. now enjoy the break, and get prepared for interview invites.

Iday said...

Thanks :)

The gsb site provides the same info abt the number of candidates called for interview. So nothing new over there!
But on the number of admits, the site still says "Each year, we enroll approximately 370 students per class" :)

As u said - this is big news. Dunno why their site doesnt reflect this.

@forrest gump:
thanks :)
Reg the interviews - keeping my fingers crossed :D

Anonymous said...

iday : sent you a mail on
If you could take some time out to reply it would be immensely helpful.

Iday said...

i have replied to ur mail.

Anonymous said...

400-500 seems about right. I think they have an 80% yield.

Iday said...

that seems to make sense :)

But the mail just said "admit between 400 and 500 students".
I am still not sure whether it means the number of admits offered or the expected class size.

StressTensor said...

That is the number of offers. They have a yield of about 80%; so it all adds up.

Iday said...

that makes sense :)
guess "Stanford increases seats" wud be a much bigger news and it wud definitely not come out thru mails to applicants as scarecrow pointed out.
i think i must edit my post :D