Tuesday, October 24, 2006

R1 - completely complete

With my manager's submission of the Stanford Reco, some 6 hours before deadline, all activities from my end is complete w.r.t the Fall 2007 Application process. It is all out of my hands now. I can only wait and wait and wait till the AdCom gets back to me...

I still haven't even received the Interview Invite from Kellogg :(
Perhaps i am just being too eager :)

The 29 days of fasting and the application process has ended with Eid today. Starting tomorrow, i plan to immerse myself into work for sometime. Work has been second priority for quite some time now. Time to catch up with stuff over there. Got to bear some additional responsibilities (read more members under me) from Nov 1st. So i gotta prepare for that too over this weekend. Two of them are fresh graduates. The first impression of the guys has been good. I plan to push them and see how things shape up. I think this is really exciting :)

I also plan to start preparing for interviews. ClearAdmit Wiki - here i come :)

BTW - I see no info on the entire www about anyone receiving an invite. I think Nov is gonna be a huge rush of invites :)
Till then folks - we can do nothing but chill...


Anonymous said...

months of hard work and perseverance must be paying off

Iday said...

hopefully man :)
let's see. This is the "fingers crossed" time...

Anonymous said...

i am sure it will pay off.
i read somewhere that the most enjoyable experience is on the journey towards goals.
the truism is cliched now , but still holds true .

i took the liberty of writing you a loooong mail , encouraged by hope that you may have time to go thru it after your essay submission completion.
it is about my MBA related doubts .
it is all aboout me , so it'll be tedious :-|
it will be absurdly nice of you to put in your invaluable suggestions.

God bless you,

ScareCrow said...

Congratulations! Happy Eid :-)

Iday said...

Hey thanks :)

inblue said...

I am fine now ! How was Eid? Hope you enjoyed

Iday said...

Welcome back :)
Eid was great as usual.
Loads of biryani :D

Anonymous said...

I too am yet to receive an interview invite from Kellogg. Heard they invite all applicants for interview, but class of 08's stats seemed to tell otherwise actually!

Anyways, All the Best for the future process.

Anonymous said...

Nice work with your apps. Now good luck for the interview invites which should start pouring in.

Iday said...

Can u throw some more light on what exactly they said?
I'm curious :)

and thanks for ur wishes :)

@forrest gump:
Thanks :)
Arent u gonna offer me a box of chocolates??!

Hobbes said...

Good to hear that! BOL for ur interviews! :)

Iday said...

thanks :)

Anonymous said...


This page shows 4526 applicants and only 3117 interviews conducted.

Iday said...

Kellogg has a applicant initiated interview process. There are people who need not opt for an interview. One such kind i know are re-applicants. They are not required to ask for an interview. This is not an info present in their site. But i remember reading something like "As a re-applicant i was not required to ask for an interview, but i still did"

AFAIK - Kellogg interviews all the candidates who ask for an interview. I'll dig on this anyway and post what i see :)