Monday, October 30, 2006

Something has changed :)

Okay - i was bored of checking the status of all applications. Nothing had changed to anything. So i thought i would change something that i can change.

Hence, the new template :)
And hey - don't forget to shoot your feedback :D


Neo2000 said...


I dont like the new template :(

Iday said...

Gosh - that was quick :)
Why dont u like it???

inblue said...

ha ha.. Boredom ! Thou springeth Creativity !

asiangal said...

Much better ... it's easier to read on this grey background than in the black one from your earlier template. =)

-tvu said...

Looks good. Are you using the new blogger in beta?

ScareCrow said...

Looks ok but i liked the previous one more..may be bcoz of better font size or something =)

P said...

Much much better. got here through pg. All the best dude! Will be following your page here.

Anonymous said...


rungee582 said...

I like the new look! Pretty sweet. Glad you've found something to pass the time while waiting. :)

Iday said...

hehhe - yes :)
u showed the way actually :D

thanks :)

Nope. Blogger wouldnt allow me migrate :(

I intentionally made sure the font sizes are the same.
It is may be a case of optical illusion coz of the slightly lighter background color :)

thanks man :)

thanks :)

thanks :)
Yeah - been wanting to change the template for quite some time now :)
Forget me - what r u doing here instead of prepping for ur interview???

Anonymous said...

way better than the old one! :) But u r losing a lot of space on the top, u can reduce that to let in more content on the page - reduces the no of "Page Downs" / Clicks :)

Iday said...

lol :)

MBA babe said...

ooh i like it! much easier to read :)

Iday said...

@mba babe:
thanks :)