Thursday, October 05, 2006

The transcript tour and HBS submission

I'm back to town after the one day trip to my college to request for transcripts. God knows why those folks want a week to xerox my originals and attest them. Anyway - i have spoken to the concerned people and i am hoping everything will get done in time. I cannot believe that i did so much out of my plans to be able to submit my app to one school, Kellogg. Anyway - what had to be done has been done and so be it :)

And what better way to celebrate the return than to submit my HBS application. I had a 99.5% app ready when i traveled on Tuesday night. That night in the train was one heck of a journey, with me totally obsessed with the entire application thing. Whenever i closed my eyes attempting to find some sleep, my mind was full of essay questions and answers :)

Not surprisingly, i figured out the last 0.05% of HBS during that journey. It was perhaps the logical conclusion to that career goals essay and it was escaping my mind for sometime now. So once i got that sealed, i was waiting to come back and finish that portion and submit the app. Once i was done with that, i had to do some chopping work with that essay to fit it into required word limits. When i started uploading my essays, i dint like the way had ended the "Undergrad experience" essay and so modified that too. With these changes, i uploaded all my essays, paid the US$235 and hit the submit button for the 4th time in a week :)

Now - all that is left for me to tackle is Stanford. I am burnt out beyond belief after the 2 days of travel and the week-of-4-submissions. So the logical next step is a break. I am not doing anything tonight and tomorrow night. Back to Stanford essays from Saturday morning. I guess i will submit that one sometime in the next week :)

On the reco front, my mentor has submitted all 5 recos. He sent me this cute mail today morning "Hey! I'm done with all 5. Send me the request for Columbia" :) I am going to do that now. My manager has submitted the recos for HBS and Wharton. So the immediate danger is out of the way. He has promised to finish the remaining three over the weekend. Let's see how that goes. His 3 and the Stanford peer reco is all that is left now. So - i don't foresee any major troubles there too.

All in all - am feeling good abt how I've handled the whole thing till day. By this month end, i must have submitted all 6 of my first choice apps. Then begins the long painful process of waiting :)


ScareCrow said...

Congratulation for yet another submission!

Cornfed MBA said...

I hate you! Just kidding. Congratulations :)

Iday said...

thanks :)

thanks :)
now go submit some apps urself. the deadlines are SO very near :)

Hobbes said...

Gr8 job! So only stanford to go in R1? Or r u targetting Columbia ED?

Iday said...

Only Stanford for R1.
No! I am not targetting Columbia's ED. But will be submitting the app by end of October.

blr bytes said...

Hey! Came across your blog via some forum. What can I say, all the best! You deserve it all...

Iday said...

thanks for dropping in and thanks for ur wishes too :)

PG said...

Best of luck! Too many apps! Wonder how you managed it! Congrats to that.

Iday said...

is this the pg aka Allwyn :)
thanks for dropping in man!
and thanks for ur wishes. I hope i get to meet u at school :D

JohnyCAGE said...

pg, he not only do essay and applications but also blog all the time.
more iday write applicaion essays more iday writes blog-posts ;)

@iday: no you should not meet pg @his college. instead you should get into Harvard so that we could have life@harvard thread next year :D

Iday said...

LOL :)
That's like the third person who's seriously told me "Get into HBS" :)
And two of u just coz u want a thread on PG :D

pg said...

Yes, iday - thats me :) Allwin - not allwyn ;)

The wait is horrendous. Stay away from BW forums. You will save yourself from a lot of stress

Iday said...

aah - PG :) I'm glad u dropped in :D
Typoe ho gaya yaar! Apun Maafi maangta hai...

Yeah the wait :(
Thanks for the tip. I actually dont visit BW forums.
I was planning to spend this time in the Interview section of ClearAdmit and numerous other places where brother google wud take me :D

JohnyCAGE said...

btw iday 's been lookign forward to this years clear admit.

you can see his links there almost all the time,,,,,,,,,, trying to impress Alex !!huh!! ;)

Iday said...

Where did u see my links in CA man!??
I never happened to see mine :o

Will i win the ipod?!?!
Keep watching :P