Sunday, October 29, 2006

A Weekend, after many weeks

I did absolutely nothing this weekend. This is the first time in 3 months when i had nothing on my To-Do list. I still had long days and short nights - had to wake up early on Saturday morning to go see a mundane movie and wake up much much earlier on Sunday morning coz of the wedding of my Friend's sister. But these lasted for a few hrs on the morning and i cud spend the rest of the day taking rest and not worry abt writing essays or filling up online apps :)

The waiver from Kellogg meant that i now have nothing to look up to. Chicago said they'll send out invitations from Nov 1st and Wharton's Interview mailer doesn't work on weekends :) There has been no news from HBS and Stanford, and i am perhaps not gonna hear from Kellogg for the next month or so till they finish reviewing the app :)

All the other applicants out there - any suggestions to kill time???


Hobbes said...

Go traveling. Best way to kill lots of time! :)

Chk out Cambodia or Vietnam or the malay jungles. Even Srilankan jungles are supposed to be quite lovely. :)

inblue said...

SLEEP ! Better still if you haven't gotten snapshots from hell get it and read it !

Anonymous said...

get laid :)

mba_salsera said...

go see a movie and give your brain a break. i've been on a movie watching rampage! it's been great!

Iday said...

Traveling is fine. But not over two days.
I am this someone who did not attend school events in Bangalore coz my body cudnt put up with it :)

hell yeah!
I forgot this book.
Actually - i am reading a book called "McDonald's - Behind the Arches". Quite good.

@ananta Vijay Guha:
OMG :)

Now that one i tried, and failed :(
The quality of the regional movies running here make sure that u come out with the brains fried, rather than freed :)
Guess its time to visit my DVD renting shop :D