Sunday, October 01, 2006

Kellogg Part 2 and Wharton - Submitted

Drum rolls!!!
I again hit the submit button. TWICE!!!

I spent the whole of today finalizing my Kellogg essays (god there were six of them) and reviewing them again and again. Just uploaded the essays and closed the deal. This is one school where i have an interview for sure!!! And then, Wharton essays and application were already complete! So i uploaded the Wharton essays, verified them and closed another deal!

For all the hard work that went into the whole application process, submitting two applications in a day seems something like an anti-climax :)

I guess i am speaking like someone who expected fireworks on the screen after submitting the apps and is now thoroughly disappointed coz he saw none :D

3 down, 2 more to go...

And then i get to go through the whole rigor with the Columbia application :)

My reviewer sent me her review comments on the Stanford essays today. This is what she had to say abt my response for the What matters most to you, and why? essay

xxx is a good answer.
I have seen a few answers to this kinda qn, and so far xxx is one of the best :)

I wud be so very modest if i just say i was glad :D


Hobbes said...

WOW!!! U r on a roll! :) Keep it up! :)

Iday said...

On a roll really!!!