Monday, October 23, 2006

Oh My Gaaawd...

This wait is horrible...

I am so glued to my PC, i cannot move away from it. But i just don't know what to do :) I have already taught myself how to forget about the results. I still check my mails frequently, but that's all about it. The pain is more about not having anything much to do. If u think i will get used to it, i don't want that to happen too. I liked the last few months of frantic running around.

Okay, time to make a statement - "I hate vacations!!! They're so BORING"

Tomorrow is Eid BTW. So Eid Mubarak to all the brothers and sisters around the world. The 29 days of fasting is over and i can look back at normal life.

Now that i have some time, i think i must go hit the gym as frequently as possible. There are also other stuff which i haven't had time to think abt. I think i must drop in to these places to see how they are moving. The fact is that i had prepared for this break and these ventures are already self sustaining, so i am not needed in any way. So i only plan to drop in, check things and drop out. I aint got a lot of time anyway as i gotta come right back to prepare for my interviews :)

So yeah - this is the first day of nothing and i am already bored. I am gonna start with my Columbia essays right away. Happy boredom to all those folks who are done with their R1 apps :)


Anonymous said...


i understand what you say about getting bored. but you definitely will have a lot many more things to do than write essays, go indulge in those hobbies while you await the good news from multiple schools.

Anonymous said...

nice post.
think about all the things you like and havent been able to do in some time.
i am guessing some stuff that you might want to do
1. eat at the new joints.
2. buy absurdly expensive pair of shoes from the 3 storeyed shop for shoes ( it's called STEPS , i guess).
3. sleep as much as you can. wake up , eat and sleep again

inblue said...

ha haah.. Fall sick like me.
I too was bored, unitl i feel sick. I just spent my time sleeping for the past 3-4 days. Anyway,Eid Mubarak and thanks for your new year wishes.

Hobbes said...

Eid Mubarak! :) Will be going to my frends place today for the yummy seveyyaan :)

And as for getting bored, go out for a mini vacation! You deserve it :)

Iday said...

@forrest gump:
i can do a lot many things. i dont wanna indulge in them at the moment, coz we will find ourselves fighting against time once we start getting interview requests or once we start preparing R2 apps :) so - i am planning to do something light :D

1. I never quit eating out man :) I never can :D
2. I bought one after my GMAT. Absurdly expensive again :) Not from Steps though.
3. Hehhe - club that with eating and i am gonna shoot up all my self imposed weight limits. I am on a strict diet. So plz dont tempt me :(

u sick :o
That's bad news :(
Get well soon now. Dont go meet ur interviewer with a running nose - he wudnt like u, however pretty u might be :P

Thanks for ur wishes :)

thanks man. Go binge :D
Mini Vacation? Me??? Arre yaar - i am goin to my office today. No time :(
A vacation is under consideration though...

righty said...

Hey congrats for completing your R1 apps.. :) And Eid Mubarak...

Iday said...

thanks - for both :)

Anonymous said...

dude you are so right. the waiting sucks for all of us applicants. good luck!