Monday, April 24, 2006

The OGs are home...

Shud I feel more responsible now?!?! :o
As if I wasn’t already :)

Anyway - Thanks to my Colleague Thiru and his Friend from Redmond (you know where), all 3 of my OG reviews (as seen in the above pic) have reached home safely.

Huh!!! It has been one long wait since I ordered the books from Barnes and Nobles. I had ordered the books on 31st of March and have been waiting for 25 long days to see them. I wasn't disappointed, the books look cool :)

Now that the OGs have come in, I can feel a pretty serious tempo setting in. Two really good things I must mention here. One that I am right on schedule, which means that I will start working on the OGs from next week as I had planned at the beginning. Two, that the enthusiasm has remained the same, if not increased, since day 1. So I’m all the more eager to start working all those 1400 odd questions and all the more ready.

With all of this set, there is still one thing yet to be done - booking my date with GMAT!!! I still haven’t decided between 6th and 13th of June. Will have to do that and register by tomorrow or the day after at least :)

And then, it will be boom, boom, boom time ;)
Hopefully - I’ll be the one laughing at the end!!!

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VaruN said...

Hey Iday.. is it really required to go through so many books to get a good GMAT score? what do you suggest?