Monday, April 17, 2006

Monday morning syndrome! Huh...

Whoever coined the term - IÂ’m sure he's not an IT professional. Because for ppl like us, there is no difference about the day. Everyday, we face the same thing. Boredom...

One more day at the office and I came back with the now common thought - what did I do today?!?! And there was the common answer to it - nothing :)

No No No. That does not mean that I am on the bench or IÂ’m doing nothing. I'm supposedly on a very important project, that has been running for the past 1 yr or so and is something eagerly followed by the client. I do spend all my time in the office working on this. At times, I do get a chance to do interesting work. But what does that do to me??? Zilch!!!

Today was no different as I went through site after site to gather info reg that ever so confusing tree algorithm and also spent some time on that doc to be submitted on Wednesday. Even after all that - I came out of office with an emptiness I am not able to fill. I'm looking at spending at least 1 more year here - god save me and my office :)

Back at home, now I a’m doing something that interests me. Slogging with my GMAT books. Really, these days work for me really starts after 10 in the night. In the morning - I do what I miss in the night ;)

One thing i can be assured of for now is this - Monday Morning syndrome will be the same on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings too.

Saturday and Sunday - I never see the mornings ;)

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