Sunday, April 30, 2006

A cowardly act!!!

It is time we stopped calling these bastards as terrorists and re-christen them as cowards!!! Yeah - that is what these assholes really are. I am speaking about the killing of engineer Suryanarayan by the Taliban. They abducted him on Friday and then they ended it with this. Is this what they do to let the world know of their so called POWER. They don't have any courage do they??? Let alone terror!!!

Whatever might be their purpose, whatever their claims, whatever their agenda - such dastardly acts of madness are not going to do anything for them right!!! It is just an expense of few bullets for these mindless maniacs - it is a big big loss to his family. My heart reaches out to them to share their grieve at this moment of deep deep sorrow.

If they have any problem with Indians working there, they should have spoken to the Indian government. Okay - we cannot expect these maniacs to be politically correct isn't it. If kidnapping is what they do, they should have kidnapped a government official at least. Not that I hate him or something, he is the representative of our govt there isn't he. They should not have done this to a poor soul, who accepts an assignment in a dangerous place expecting to earn that few bucks more to change the fortune of his family.

If they don't have the spine or the potency to take on their real enemies - they should all kill themselves in cowardice. Not cover their ugly faces at the expense of innocent commoners. They aren't winning anything here are they!?!? Apart from throwing such families into life long sorrow.

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