Thursday, April 27, 2006

How Kavya was INSPIRED, wrote a teeny novel and was caught...

And i hope there is only one part of this story!!!

Whoa!!! That, "I was inspired by McCafferty's works and any resemblance is unintentional", was perhaps the understatement of this century!!! I know the century has just begun, but I wudnt be surprised if this does not get to the top of the list by the end of this century :)

Anyway - anyone who sees this link will laugh their heart out on this stuff!!! Or perhaps get bemused - just like me!!! I mean, it is pretty obvious that Kavya's paragraphs are definitely a lot more than just "inspirations". They are the same sentences, consciously modified by the "author" to make the new version not to remind people about the original version. Nothing more I would say!!!

Now she's gone missing. Out of contact. The publishers won’t open their mouths. McCafferty's publishers are planning on legal action. It is pretty obvious where things are heading to - unless some out of court thingy's happen!!!

Why she did this??? How can we know!!! Well - she really should not have underestimated the knowledge and memory power of the ppl in the lit world. But she is really in a bad soup presently!!! The only good thing for her is that her book has been selling more since this news. Well, while the publishers will be laughing all the way to the bank - this will make Kavya the writer, a notorious commodity. So, if at all she's been thinking about a career as a writer - that seems to be in serious doubt now!!!

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Kunjan said...

Completely agree. The novel was a good read though if you pretend to be ignorant about the "inspirations". Sorry, I am catching up on your blog. First post onwards.