Thursday, April 20, 2006

All work and no play...

Long time since I did anything that was fun :(

It all started with last September-October when the SimCATs were picking up speed. Then it was 3 months of CAT, the full December and January and half of February for all the other exams and results.

Since February, it has been one hell of a project I’m doing in the office. Real good (read intriguing) design discussions with some of the best minds in our office - always a plus anyway, but sap u so badly!!!

This wud go with those long nights when I wud investigate about all those firangi B schools. And then there were the GMAT preparations I began in late March.

Really for the last 8 months or so, I’ve been running, running and running - all in search of that single MBA seat :) Today - I am really a very tired man. Still worse, I am looking at least one more month of hard work, before I appear for the GMAT.

Well, once that is done, I’ll probably have one hell of a vacation...

But hey - did I forget to say that the whole thing is, was and, hopefully, will-be FUN!!!
There is no pleasure in this world, equivalent to dusting out those once-i-was-as-quick-as-fernando-alonso neurons of one's brain and seeing them back in action :)

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