Saturday, April 22, 2006

GMATPrep Test 1 - scored 720

Now that feels a lot better :)

Since I’ve been prepping for quite some time now and my level 1 prep schedule is almost complete, I decided it is time to give my first serious test. This is the first serious test since I have already given 5 or more sample tests just to get a feel of the whole thing and because I wanted to get familiar with the tests. Though I gave these tests seriously, I dint have any strategies and there was zero preps for some topics too. Naturally - I dint do well, but all that experience helped a lot today!!!

First to my score - I scored a 720 (Q50 V35).

I dropped to a 50 in Q solely on DS questions. I got 6 of them wrong. I got all my 22 PS questions right. Considering the fact that I haven’t prepped for DS yet, I wudnt crib. But looking at the mistakes, I think I can do better. Perhaps the preps will straighten my DS approach. I've always been good in math and so this is a strong hold. 50 is not-up-there. But there is scope to improve.

My verbal was dismal. 14 of the 41 wrong!!! But there is only one culprit - SC. I got 9 of the 16 wrong and that is really BAD!!! Gotta work some more on this. As such I’ve planned to dig out Verbal during the last 3 weeks of preps and hope that'll help. The other 2 sections were good. Just 1 wrong in CR and 4 in RC (the RCs were sapping, to say the least. I wasn’t particularly in a "reading" mood). I guess the secret in upping my score into the 40s lies in SC.

Overall 720 doesn’t sound bad. That's more than the average score of any B School. But I think I can still improve on that. Being in the competitive IT-Male-Indian pool and all, it is good to have a great score :)

I haven’t booked my GMAT Date yet. I’m looking at an early June slot. The whole month is “untouched” as of now – so no worries on that front. I’ll be booking my date by the middle of this week after my OGs reach me. Wanna sketch the schedule of prep part 2 to the dot and then book the GMAT.

That's it for now as I’m gonna celebrate my 720 score and watch my second movie of the day :)

Ciao peeps...

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