Wednesday, April 26, 2006

6th June it will be...

Yeah!!! After all the thinking, thinking and more thinking; I booked my GMAT appointment on the 6th of June 2006.

So, what will it be??? God knows :)

How do I feel now?!?! Absolutely plain nothing :))

How about preps??? Well, I dint touch a book today :)))

Guess this is the mid-season lull!!! Now that I've completed Kaplan 2006, Princeton 2006 and Kaplan 800, I am feeling (over?!?!?) confident!!! The GMATPrep 720 adds to this ofcourse :)

I think that I need a break - to come back with more zeal to conquer the OGs and D-Day ofcourse. From now on it is OG, OG and OG (yeah I've got 3 of them na) all the way!!! Planning to start with the big book this Saturday. Hopefully, I'll have time do the entire set once before June 6th. I actually plan to complete all 3 at least a week early and give the last few days specially for my biggest weakness - SC. Let's see how things turn up!!!

Now - me gonna see my movie of the day "Office Space". Even before I see the first frame, I love the movie. Reason?!?! The catch line of the movie I so close to my heart - "Work Sucks"!!!


Raghav said...

Atb dude..harvard? :P

Iday said...

Thanks for ur wishes Raghav!!!
June 6th will answer that Q :D

You're the first one to post a comment on my blog ;)