Thursday, April 13, 2006

Long time no blog!!!

Too much of work :)

The Entrance exams, the failures, the few success stories and running around for these ppl, the investigation on firangi B schools, the GMAT prep analysis, running around to get these books in the best deal possible, the GMAT preps!!! There has been no time to breath, let alone blog :)

Now that some of these are complete and the others are rolling well, I can get back to things I always want to do - one of them being blogging.

So - with nothing I hand, what next?!?! Well, GMAT for me. Planning to give GMAT by mid June and take things from there. The schools I'm looking at??? Look no where but to ur right on the firangi list. Big names right - big things start with big dreams :)

I don't want to look at anything into these colleges till I'm done with GMAT. So - come may, it will be mission MBA version 2.0 part 1.

I'll keep blogging the progress in this page of course...

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