Monday, December 04, 2006

QS World MBA tour - in Chennai

I just came back from the QS World MBA Fair, which was held for the first time in Chennai. Event was not really impressive. I'd rate it 7 on 10. The only reason i could think of it is that there was a lack of big name schools. But all the schools were drawing a constant stream of applicants (or prospective applicants). Very very few tables were empty and no table was empty all the time.

The NUS table was the most happening place. The representative of NUS was actually holding the brochures as high as she could, shouting at the top of her voice, enquiring if anyone had not got the brochures. There was quite a crowd in front of the NUS table and they were quite prominently placed as well. Schools like Wharton, Tuck had supposedly booked slots but dint turn up (at least till i came out of the fair). And there were no presentations by schools. Only info points where one could drop in, speak with an AdComm rep and carry away brochures (and whatever goodies were on offer).

I guess a lot of it was coz this is the first time they're in Chennai. Hopefully they'll bring more schools next year.

The AdComm director from Darden was present and it was absolutely great speaking to her. She must be well into her 40s, perhaps even the early 50s, but she is this huge bundle of energy. She remembers the names and phone numbers of all the necessary ppl in the campus. She was quoting instances from the presentations made by Darden in the other cities and explaining how good they were.

There were two of us who went in with "VIP passes" from PaGaLGuy. So entry was free. The organizers gave us a special welcome once we told we're from PG. We were also given a copy of the TopMBA Career Guide - Fall 2006 edition for free :)

Overall - a good beginning. I hope the fair would only grow more in the years to come. There was crowd, a big crowd. So it is also good business for the folks who run the fair.

BTW - the fair took place in one of the snazziest hotels (as is the norm) in town (i love the food there). On the way out, we met this man (ladies - time to shriek)


Anonymous said...

Know what u mean about Lynn Garnett...just met up with her at the Darden reception at blore and it was amazing...if somebody didnt rank them, would be so diff to make out which schools better...they even had a live demo of the case study method to show how lively it can get!

Iday said...

@ganja turtle:
Oh man. She was awesome yes, but that doesnt mean everything abt the school is THAT good.
All schools have great and less-than-great ppl. Just look at what we've heard abt the directors of the AdComms of the better ranked schools.
Hope u get the point :)

Anonymous said...

what attire's expected?

yeah yeah i know theres no such term like expected, but still in general
what to wear?

what people had on the fair?
in general terms?

or complete formal- suite

bytheway betabloggers comments systems sux.

Iday said...

it is up to u man :)
I saw ppl in all kind of attires. There were guys in business suites, guys with formal wears, semi formals, the ruffled formals, Jean+Tshirts - almost anything :)

If u'd ask my opinion, i'd go to such an event in formals. A suit sounded too loud for me :)

azhar said...

I think MBA fairs are a place where you end up with a lot of brochures that you never read. The only nice thing is that you might bump into alumni/current studetns who might be enthusiatic to talk to you. The same thing happened with the NUS table in Bangalore last year as well.

Anonymous said...

Hey Iday, have you heard from Stanford ? Are there invites pouring in random order or regionwise? Thanks

Iday said...

No alumni/students here man. This place was full of Adcomm members or school reps. As i said, this is the first time they are here.

Nope, not yet. My app went under review about 10 days back, so i guess if i hear anything, it wont happen for some time. At least 2 more weeks i guess :)

Invites are definitely random.

UniQpath said...

Thanks for answering my question. On the other hand, Stanford GSB has released their newsletter, which mentions that they have released many interview invites so far.. Best of luck.

Iday said...

i received the newsletter as well. It also says they still have many invites to be extended. So there is still time :)

ATB to u too.