Monday, December 11, 2006

Kellogg wants to talk

I just received a mail from the AdComm that simply says
Upon review of your file, the Kellogg Admissions Committee would like to schedule a telephone interview with you.
It then gave me the number which i am supposed to call and schedule the interview.

This is great news :)

But i have absolutely no idea reg the Kellogg telephonic interview. Gotta start digging out information. All you buddies out there, any pointers?!?!


Forrest Gump said...

Very cool. Congratulations.

From my experience last year, Kellogg calls people whom they consider good(read: fit for an admit) or borderline(read: want to know more to take a decision). In either case, its good news, since you have moved one step ahead in the process.

Kellogg telephonic interviews can be of any type, ranging from completely blind to very app-specific. The best preparation you can do is to know yourself and your app well, and in addition prepare for the standard questions.

interviews can sometimes be really short as well, so you may not have the time to speak everything. mine, i remember was just 15 odd minutes.

Nat4mba said...

Check this:

and best luck with your interview!

My personal advice: do your very-very best to select the most comfortable environment, because it is difficult to hold such an important discussion by phone. You shouldn't be disturbed during this call.

Iday said...

@forrest gump:
thanks for all the information. I googled last night and found ur post on the telephonic interview you had last year.

After some more googling, i decided it is better to forget the telephonic aspect and prepare like the usual interview.

thanks for your wishes :)

i know that wiki page, but was looking around for specific info on the "telephonic interviews" of kellogg. This page doesn't have any such report.

the location i have in mind, a conference room in my work place. some floors are empty and hence i expect no disturbances :) My home is a nice place too! Everything depends on the time of the interview.

ram said...

having a telephonic interview in conf hall. cool man!!
sure HCL must be run by some evangelists.

Iday said...

u got it wrong man. i am not gonna use the company fone to call Kellogg. Actually Kellogg will call me :)

I'm jus gonna sit there and take the call :D