Thursday, December 21, 2006

Chicago reaches out

  1. I get a mail from an officer of Admissions promising support all the way through the process from here on. This is the same person who called to inform me of my admit. I think they assign groups of admits to an officer and then the officer handles everything for them.
  2. The mail also gave me my GSB id and hence access to the admitted students portal. The site is A.W.E.S.O.M.E. Can't take my eyes off it - the amount of info is overwhelming at times and one has to read and re-read multiple pages to visualize the complete picture. But the site has info on everything i need.
  3. The admit packet reached home yesterday. The AdComm seems to have mailed the packets on Monday. Speaks so much for their efficiency. They handle way too many applications compared to last year, still prepone the result by 2 weeks and still finish all work 3 full days before the new deadline. Cool...
    I was kinda of worried abt how the Financial Aid and Visa processing process would work out. I was not clear and hence worried. But a single letter in the admit packet put all my doubts to rest. Now the whole process seems a lot lot simple. The admit packet also has a "Curriculum Guide" that provides info about the faculty (lots of Indians), the curriculum and also the individual courses. I have already started trying out various permutations and combinations :)
  4. Today morning, i get a mail from a current first year student saying he'd call me on Monday to explain what he went through one year ago and also to dispel any doubts i might have at this point of time. I am impressed. Eagerly expecting his call...

The last few days have been full of results.
Congrats to all who received good news from their dream schools.
For the unlucky ones - tough luck folks. All the best for your alternate plans.

PS: The Dean's Student Admissions Committee (DSAC) of Chicago GSB has setup a blog to communicate with prospective students and admits. Check out the link under the Resources section.


asiangal said...

Sounds like they're extra efficient. Are you definitely attending Chicago or will you be waiting for results from other schools? =)

Iday said...

At the moment, I only have one admit (and one ding) in hand :)

Waiting to hear from the other schools. I'm not applying anymore - so will wait for the results from the other schools and decide once all the schools come out with their results.

Ramkumar said...

machi, what abt the aid?
did they say anything abt that? i know u have worked out the worst case scenario as well but still anything plus is always welcome. isn't it?

Iday said...

No man. No free money :)
i will be taking loans for the entire expense.

kart said...

Machi... if you don't mind saying it aloud in the blog, Can i ask what's the tuition fee for Chicago likely to be? I guess, it's around 5 or 6 million?!

Iday said...

Tution fee is USD42000 per annum.
Annual student budget (all the expenses we wud do) is around USD72000 :)

For the 2 yrs put together, it does come to more than 7 million INR :D

kart said...

Cool da machi. I think, it's a very good investment given that the ROI is very very high.
Hope you will find Ambanis and Tatas as your bench mates (not sure u will have a bench @ Chicago classroom :-).
Have fun.

necromonger said...

Fantastic - I checked you blog after seeing a comment on mine. Congratulations on your Chicago admit!

Johny Cage said...

i like the new theme and layout.
good job.
thanks for considering your blog readers

Ravishankar said...

COngrats Iday ...Iam Mariavindhans friend and good luck for your future..

aimBschool said...

:) congrats!!!

Iday said...

Tell u what, New Blogger rocks!!!

thanks a lot :)

thanks :)

Vindhan said...

Congrats da Iday!! Happy for u man..

Dee said...

Congrats...I feel great for you. Its been a good journey so far & now you are v close to stepping over & becoming a student blogger - no more in the applicant pool :)

Iday said...

thanks man :)

Thanks :)
yeah. I'm so glad to be out of the applicant pool...

Anonymous said...


GSB is a fantastic program. I hear they had more applicants than usual this year. With their latest Businessweek ranking as #1 worldwide, the applicant pool will skyrocket and they'll be much more selective next year. Consider yourself very lucky! Congrats again! look forward to reading on your MBA progress.

Iday said...

thanks man (or woman) :)
Word's around (unofficially though) that there was a 40% increase in app volume!!!

GSB sure is a happening place and i am sure the days there are gonna be exciting!

PSV said...

Congrats man!
I'm fighting a battle of my own in the mba admission world :-)

i'm here via Sayesha $ mbababe

Keep Blogging!

Dileep Mouleesha said...

Congratulations.. met a student from chicago GSB and she kept talking a bout the place as if there was no better school than Chicago...GSB.. so worth the 7 mill you will end up spending..

Iday said...

Thanks man :)
Keep fighting. This battle is definitely not won by brute force :)

Oh - i never doubted the worthiness :)
Great place, i know.