Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Chicago Admit

I'm in folks!!! I got the phone call about 2 hours ago.
Feeling more relieved than anything else :)

Relieved coz i dont have to write any more essays ;)

Thanks to each one of you for being with me through this process, right from GMAT preps till now, and pitching in with your views at various stages.

By that, dont assume this to be a farewell post, as i intend to keep writing about my experiences from now on. I thought this was the most appropriate moment to thank you guys :)


Saravanan said...

I told you you would be through...i checked ur blog 5 mins back...and forgot to comment for kellogs interview...and bang...u are into GSB....congrats..think am the first to congratulate you senior...

Ganja Turtle said...

Isnt that AWESOME!!! Congrats dude-well done!
- I think that answers the genius who had something to say abt ur GMA scores sometime back...

rungee582 said...

Yeah! Congratulations... very well deserved! You should be thrilled. :)

Nivedita said...

gooodie!!!...congrats :)

MBA babe said...

WOW!!!! Congrats - that is great news!!! :) And now you are done with apps - also wonderful news! hope you do something fun to celebrate tonite!

The Caspian said...

Congrats Iday! Now it's time to kick back and relax for a while! Job well done.

MBABlogger said...

Wow Congrats mate!!

High Above Broadway said...

Congrats Man!

mba_salsera said...

Wow! That's gotta feel amazing! Congratulations!

Negat|veCreep said...

Congratulations! And celebrations......Lol. Great job!

JatWarrior said...

congratulations man!! First admit sure is the sweetest.

Hobbes said...

WOWWW! Gr8 day for the blogging community! :D

U deserved it, buddy! Yenjai maadi! ;)

nalexa said...

Big Up man! Congratulations! Good hustle!

asiangal said...

Congratulations! It's been great reading about all your experiences. =)

righty said...

Great news buddy!!!


righty said...

And yes....

Do change the status of Chicago App under 'The Apps' section of your blog... :) The feeling would be too awesome... :):)

Jitesh Shah said...

Congrats a tonne!

I have been following your journey for long....

Great going :)

mohayana said...

Hey ,


You've done it . I have been following your efforts and progress.
Very impressive.

Great going and may this be just the first.

Iday said...

thanks man :)
The group mail was a bit too much though :D
But then - glad to see u so happy for me!!!

@ganja turtle:
Awesome yeah!!! Thanks :)
Oh, that "anon" :) Not worth speaking about man :)

Definitely thrilled. Thanks :)

thanks yaar :)

@MBA babe:
thank you :)
I did celebrate last night by doing the one best activity nights are made for - sleeping :P

@the caspian:
yep! job well done really!!!
thanks for your wishes :)

thanks mate :)

Thanks :)

@jat warrior:
sweet indeed :D

yeah - many bloggers have good news to share. Thanks for ur wishes :)

thanks :)

thanks a lot :)
Hope u'd continue ur visits here :D

thanks man :)
Changed the status! Felt really really good :D

@jitesh shah:
Thanks for dropping in mate. Thanks for your wishes :)

thanks a lot :)

Jitesh Shah said...

Not many of us are aware of your profile and backgrouds...could you loosen up some information here?

ScareCrow said...

Wow...Congrats man:-) I am still waiting for mine though :-( Looks like am gonna get either waitlisted or dinged ;)

Madan said...

Many Many Congrats Iday :-)

Believe me, I am as happy as you are.

Reason : Feels nice when someone I know has done something big.

UniQpath said...

Dude! This is awesome, many congrats to you! I am glad you are in

kart said...

Congrats da machi. Kalakitae.

Iday said...

Test scores are put up on the right side of the blog.

I am an Engineer (2003 passout) working in one of the top IT services company in India for the past 3 yrs and 6 months. Loads of extra curriculars right from school days. Decent community service experience over the past two years.

Thanks man :)
I believe that the window is open till you officially know your result. Someone mentioned in the forums that last year, AdCom kept calling people well into the decision date. Fingers crossed for ya :)

Thanks a lot man :)

thanks machi :D

Dee said...

Hey congrats & thanks a lot too...as a far more recent blogger your support has seen me thru some tough days

MBAstarter said...

Congratulations dude...Party Hard :)

Nat4mba said...

Congratulations!!! Great news!

ram said...

super da.
you did it!!

Sudha said...

great news! congrats!
this makes 2 of u (u and inblue)

abhy said...

Congratulations Iday , i can sense u r happiness.
Could you please ping me with u e mail ID .Mine's abhijitk.rao@tcs.com .I have got some queries.
Else please let me know urs through the comments


Iday said...

thanks :)
and really glad to hear that :D

oh sure! thanks :)

thanks :)

thanks da :)

thanks a lot :)

thanks man :)
check my blog properly and u will see my email id. Shoot a mail.

Gautam said...


Many congratulations for Chicago!!

I have been reading your blog from quite sometime and following ur progress. We infact share a similar profile too...Indiin IT engineer, top IT services company..GMAT 760...

I think you will make it to Kellogg too! All the best...btw what will be your first pick in that case?

Congrats once again,

scipio said...

Weightu da machi... Really happy for you :)

Neenga engayo poiteenga sir!!! :)

Iday said...

thanks :)
Between Chicago and Kellogg, i think it will be Chicago GSB. It is a really tough decision to make though...

thanks machi :)

Azhakiya Ravanan said...

Congratulations Iday, All the best for a many more admits and a wonderful future!

Gautam said...

yes I agree, its a tough one..but from your posts it seems that you are interested in a finance major..so going by that..I am not surprised that you chose chicago. Only caveat is the highly customizable chicago curriculum which might be difficult especially considering your non-business background.

Iday said...

yeah - my inclination towards Finance is what made me say i'd go to Chicago :)

The completely customizable curriculum is both an advantage and a challenge. With my non-bizz BG, i'd need to put in extra effort. But there is a really helpful support group at Chicago that will offer me all the help i'd ever need in making full use of this curriculum. Not to mention the help and guidance i'd receive from my classmates :)

Iday said...

@azhagiya ravanan:
thanks a lot :)

Casualty said...

great going dude..

Aashim said...

wow! What an achievement dude.

Getting into GSB is really something especially for an Indian IT Male!! Go and have a cracker of a new year and Xmas!!

YOur profile is pretty good. How were your acads..guess you must have been a college topper --right..:)

Your Blog is also pretty good.

Congo and Cheers!

Iday said...

thanks mate :)

Thanks a lot :)

And i was no college topper. One of those guys who did a LOT of stuff while at college but still managed to maintain decent acads (First class with distinction)!!!

hey, actually there are many Indian ITs who got into Chicago GSB in R1.

azhar said...

Great going Iday, Congratulations very happy for you!!!

Iday said...

thanks :)

Swapnil said...

Congratulationsss Iday...I have been following your journey since beginning...and I think you deserved this success...wish you best luck for your future....keep writing!!


Iday said...

thanks a lot :)

PSV said...


Iday said...

thanks :)

Linda Abraham said...


Iday said...

Thanks :)